Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black and White

Finishing up the last errand in the city

Funky embroidery

A simple, classic straw fedora goes with anything!

LOVE the Shinyness:)


While being on summer break from school is nice, sometimes it gets boring being stuck at home (D takes our car to drive to work everyday.) Usually once a week, he commutes with a friend who lives in our apartment complex and I get to have the car. On such days, I usually wind up running errands all day!

Typical errand day: Petco (Keppie always needs something!), Some type of food shopping (Shoprite, Pathmark, Trader Joe’s, Costco…you get the picture!), Bed, Bath and Beyond or Crate & Barrel (still filling in our registry over a year later…), Riverside Mall or Garden State Plaza (or both!..usually a return)…and various other places (Walgreens, BuyBuyBaby - for my nephew, Home Depot, post office, i could go on…)

When I run errands, I still want to look nice, but all of the getting in and out of the car (we have an SUV and I am only 5”2, so sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge depending on the skirt!) and shlepping bags to and from the car and up and down the stairs (3 flights, no elevator) can make for a pretty schvitzy Ally (especially in this summer heat!).

I tried to keep it simple with as few layers as possible and a lightweight, gauzy shirt. A belt around one’s natural waist is a very easy way to make an outfit instantly polished. My necklace is a bit flashy so I kept it simple and didn’t wear any other accessories. Because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of moving and schlepping all day, I wanted a skirt that wouldn’t show all of the wrinkles. A simple black skirt hides almost all of them (and usually most spills too, if you happen to be clumsy:o). Comfortable shoes are a must! I got my Sperry Top-Siders in May, and basically haven’t taken them off since. They are my go-to shoe; dressier than tennis shoes, more support than flip-flops/sandals, plus, the neutral gold color goes with everything, dressy or casual - a general all around crowd-pleaser! A hat is also an easy head covering to get the hair out of your face. I threw this classic fedora on over my headband fall and pulled the hair into a low pony in the back (which you really can’t see…o well!)


Black Undershirt: Ruthie’s (in Monsey)

Shirt: J.crew

Skirt: NY&Co.

Belt: Talbot’s

Necklace: Banana Republic

Shoes: J.crew

Hat: Impressions

What do you wear when you are ‘on the go’ all day??

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à la Modest said...

A hat and a ponytail... they help me look still kind of put together but also hiding that my makeup and hair were undone!

Banana Republic has pretty necklaces! Would've been nice to see a closeup of yours. The top and hat are also pretty!