Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Very Vintage-y looking

Pretty ruffles add a feminine touch:)

Super sunny great day!


D's old job had him working most Sundays, so we never really got to do anything. We also never got to do nothing...I really missed lazy Sundays! However, D recently got a new job and with it we both got our Sunday's back:)

On our first reclaimed "lazy Sunday", we decided to take a trip into Manhattan to do some shopping. The Upper East Side is really beautiful and we walked around, admired the gorgeous Brownstones, soaked up the sun and really enjoyed our morning.

When I go shopping, I always like to be comfortable and look really put together at the same time. The madras print shirt is very casual and the "boyfriend" looser fit makes it really comfortable. I love layering, but wanted something really thin since it was so hot out. I really like the ruffle detail of this adds a fun flirtyness to any outfit. I wanted a really lightweight, breezy skirt to help beat the heat - but be careful - if it's a windy day, you might have a "Marilyn Moment"! A woven leather belt ties the outfit together and helps to give it a casual feel. I love this unique wooden necklace that I thrifted years ago! I like looking for cool jewelry at thrift stores because you know it will be one-of-a-kind. Again, comfortable shoes are a must for walking around Manhattan:)


White Undershirt: Elzee, Brooklyn

White Ruffle Undershirt: J.crew

Madras Print Shirt: J.crew

Skirt: Gap

Belt: J.crew

Necklace: Thrifted

Shoes: J.crew

What would you do on a "Lazy Sunday"? What would you wear??


starlight said...

Firstly, this might be my favorite outfit yet! You look so pretty and spunky. Secondly, I love the new format for the blog. Where are those cool drawings on the top from?

shualah elisheva said...

this IS my favorite yet. glad to see chaviva nudged you into the blogging world - cannot wait to see more.

à la Modest said...

You have cool looking jewelry! I can't believe that's thrifted either!

Ruth Bell said...

i love this outfit! it looks amaxing on you and is soo pretty :)