Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flirty Florals

 Yay Florals!

Fun Chain Detail
 Ruffles make it super feminine


The weather here finally cooled down enough (read: low 90's as opposed to almost 100) for a couple days for me to appreciate summer. This heat wave really has me itching for fall! I decided to celebrate being able to walk around outside without instantly feeling dehydrated by wearing the most summery pattern: Floral!

Today was another long day of doing errands. I wanted a lightweight shirt because even with the heat breaking a bit, low 90's is still really hot! Because the shirt is a bit flowy, a structured denim pencil skirt came in handy to streamline the bottom half of the outfit. A colorful, contrasting belt also helped give shape to an otherwise pillowcase-y frock. The flirty ruffle details and the bow at the neckline give the shirt an even more feminine feel. Tip: Don't be afraid to mix and match with color! I wore both the green belt and the coral sandals to bring out those colors in the pattern. Just make sure that you accent with solids...too many patterns can make you dizzy! I like the 'gladiator sandal' trend, but I find that most have a bazillion buckles, and really, who has the time? These have a back zipper making them really practical while still stylish, and the chain detail gives a bit of edginess to a super girly ensemble.

Quick Anecdote: I used to be afraid of patterns to the point that my entire closet was solid colors. My closet is organized by color (read: huge Dork!) and I realized that half of a full closet rung was full of black shirts, sweaters, blouses...etc. After being inspired by a former coworker, I made a pledge to my self: NO MORE BLACK! I started looking for patterns wherever I went. Slowly but surely I have been adding a new area to my organized closet: The Pattern Corner! For all of you that think black is best, I challenge you: make your next purchase a patterned one. Patterns are all over the place right now: madras, gingham, florals, etc. There is surely a pattern to please every person:)


White Undershirt: Ruthie's (in Monsey)

Floral Frock: The Pink Orchid (in Passaic)

Belt: Ann Taylor

Skirt: J.CREW

Sandals: Aldo

Are you a fan of flirty florals??


Anonymous said...

i love your fashion style, but i'm afraid i can't afford your designer taste. is there a way you could list the prices of each piece so i can decide which i could afford?

Modestly Fashioned said...

i am totally a sale shopper! I RARELY buy anything full price:) The trick is to wait until stores give 'extra' percentages off. You noticed that I own a lot of J.CREW. I agree, full price items there are ridiculous! therefore i got on their email list and now i get emails when their sale items go on 'extra 20 or even 30 % off'...then I purchase a bunch of stuff, try it on when it comes, and return anything that doesnt fit well.for example, this skirt is on sale now at j.crew for 49.99 - however jcrew is having an extra 30% off sale now...making this (originally $70 skirt now only $35 --totally reasonable for a jean skirt!!!

anat613 said...

Hi! I just found your blog today, you seem like such a sweetheart and you're so beautiful! I love your fashion sense. I'm not Jewish, but plan on converting Orthodox this year. I have a blog/vlog about my ventures: anat613 on blogspot and YouTube.

Anonymous, as far as the designer clothes, I find almost all of my clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. They have amazing selections of modest skirts, good deals on brand names, and tons of dresses - my favorite. I also get lots of jewelry at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe because it's so low-priced. That way I can put together a lot of outfits just from changing accessories. It works really well!

Chaviva said...

Florals scare the bejeezus out of me! I went to Marshall's and Old Navy today, looking for some light linen or sheer frocks to jazz up my wardrobe and prepare me for a more dressy look (read: business casual with a Chavi twist, but not Shabbos clothes, and not my usual solid-colored tees) ... what an adventure!

I found some really cute things at Marshall's, but none of what I purchased had much color. I gotta embrace color. I guess I often do that with my tichels :)

I really struggle to find skirts at these places, however. I wanted to find a black pencil skirt today, and nothing. My curvy figure limits what I find at places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. RAWR!

As for the price issue -- I usually don't buy a skirt if it's more than $20, tops more than $15. I'm a really cheap shopper (tell my husband that), and I can understand how even $35 for a skirt would seem expensive. I keep reminding myself that when you wear a skirt, you only have to launder it once ever three or four wears, and skirts should last you a long time, so they're worth the expense! Again, convince my husband of that, hah.

@Anat613 I would love to talk to you about your conversion! I blog on conversion (converted Reform 2006, Orthodox 2010).

anat613 said...

@Chaviva, my husband beams with pride whenever I tell him how cheap I buy my clothes! haha! My limits are basically the same as yours too; my average piece of clothing is about $15 I'd say. Just a side note: i used to live near a huge JCPenney Outlet, where I got my best denim skirt EVER for $16. I find JCP has lots of well-fitted clothes for women (speaking as a curvy girl myself!)

Modesty is Pretty said...

Hi Ally!Nina told us about you and I'm excited to welcome you to the "blog" world, we need more modest fashionistas! By the way you look so lovely! I love your belt. =D