Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep it Simple


Today I had a wonderful day of hanging out with friends (old and new!). In the morning, good friend R and I went shopping (stay tuned to see the new purchases!) and had a blast hanging out. In the afternoon, I met up with new friend and veteran blogger, C for coffee and a 'blog tutorial'. She provided me with a wealth of information which I hope to begin to incorporate as I learn how to navigate this cool world of blogging.

Since I was shopping in the morning, I wanted to keep my outfit simple. It's a pain when you are trying on clothes and you have an intricate ensemble, so I tried to keep everything as basic as possible. Because my tunic had cool embroidery, I skipped accessories entirely in order to highlight the details. A simple black skirt instantly adds class to any outfit, instantly upping the 'dressy' factor. I love these cognac colored leather flats! They add a bit more interest to the outfit without detracting from the tunic.


White Undershirt: Elzee (in Brooklyn)

Tunic: Banana Republic

Skirt: NY&Co.

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

How do you 'Keep it Simple'??


Chaviva said...

I was *totally* in love with your tunic, btw. I have one that I nabbed from Old Navy, but it's just too big on me so it's uncomfortable. I gotta start shopping more carefully!

Anonymous said...

On a similar note to chaviva-- good call on the size change. I tried everything on for the hubby who said there was no way I could have gotten it in a size bigger- he mentioned that I need to shop based the way I look not the way I feel. Major thanx hun!

Chandra said...

I like to keep it simple when I shop, too, and usually achieve this with a wrap dress or any other type of dress without too many bells and whistles.

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