Monday, August 16, 2010

All "Tie"d Up

Dad...aren't you proud?!



I usually don't get a chance to blog about my outfits from Friday night and Saturday because the laws associated with observing Shabbos prohibit taking pictures from sundown Friday night until dark (visibility of 3 stars) Saturday night. However, I liked my Saturday outfit so much that I decided to wear it Saturday night to go out (after Shabbos ended).

Friends of ours got tickets to a comedy club in Chelsea for late Saturday night and invited D and me to go along with them. We had a great time! The comedians (for the most part) we funny and it is always great to get to know new friends better.

Since the clothing that I wear for Shabbos is nicer than the clothing that I wear during the week (one of the ways we try to differentiate the Sabbath from the week is to wear dressy clothing in honor of the holiness of the day), I thought that it would be appropriate for an outing into Manhattan on a Saturday night. I love the combo of black and khaki color so I paired a classic black button-down (another staple for your fabulous fashion arsenal!) with a khaki colored flowy skirt. I belted the outfit to give it more polish, and the leather braided belt gave it more of a laid back, casual feel. To amp up the trendiness factor, I tied a scarf with a 'full windsor' men's tie knot. My dad taught me to tie a tie at a very early age. He thought every woman should know how to tie a tie, lest their husbands not know how to tie one for themselves (even though D knows how, I still flaunt that I, too, know how!) In keeping with the brown accessories, I opted for my oxfords (also because I didn't know how much Manhattan walking we would be doing - parking can be a nightmare on Saturday night!). I just got new glasses and wanted to show them off. I rarely forgo my contacts, but after almost 8 years with the same glasses frames, it was time for a new look - and I am LOVING them! Who wouldn't love shiny, sparkly letters:)


Black Button-down: Gap

Skirt: Gap

Belt: J.CREW

Scarf (as necktie): Century 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

To 'tie' or not to 'tie'?? - that is the question...for YOU!!


alltumbledown said...

Love the glasses/sheitel combo, Ally! You look fantastic here. I always think what a shame it is that I can't take pictures on Shabbos.

Modesty is Pretty said...

Love this look! Awesome! =)

starlight said...

2 things:

1. I love your new glasses, didn't get a chance to tell you on Shabbat.

2. I really like the tying a scarf like a tie! I definitely plan on copying you! But what is your opinion of women wearing regular ties: is that too costumey for a weekday? too Britney Spears for Shabbat? I used to wear ties all the time with my old school uniform (it wasn't part of the uniform, I just liked to be different).Let me know!

(It's Adina Kastner, in case you forgot who this pseudonym was)

Modestly Fashioned said...

@starlight - hehe...i wont forget you now! By 'regular ties' do you mean men's ties? if so, i think its great! I have worn D's ties a couple of times. When wearing men's ties, I like to wear a muted outfit and a BOLD tie with a great patten (as opposed to a simple black, or something dark) but that's just me! I say GO FOR IT!

à la Modest said...

Nicely put together!! :)