Sunday, August 15, 2010




First of all, let me apologize. I was sick most of last week which led to one measly post. However, I have been feeling much better and I even have a couple of new posts in my queue...get excited!

Thursday was my first real day of feeling back to normal and I was soooo ready to get out of the house and back into a semi-normal 'routine.' I dropped of some old kitchen pots and pans at the local Goodwill store, and I decided to go in for a quick looksy:) I came out with an AWESOME find (sadly, it must wait until late fall/winter) Anne Klein 100% real cognac-colored leather knee-length skirt! SCORE! It is amazing...all it needs is a quick trip to the dry cleaner and a nice, safe secure place in my closet to hang out until the weather cools down. I can't wait!

It was also my friend R's birthday party at night and I wanted a fun party outfit. It was a great party! We had smoothies (and D made a vanilla ice cream/oreo/vanilla vodka concoction that was outta-this-world! We played Apples to Apples and all had so much fun.

I really like this vest? shirt? with these fun HUGE rhinestone details. I found this "gem" (haha, get it?? yeah I know I'm corny!) at Loehmann's. It's original price tag: $250!! I paid: $15!! I have no idea why the shirt was that expensive, but it made me really excited to get such a luxurious item of clothing for so cheap! I love Loehmann's because they regularly have deals such as this. If you are willing to dig through the overstuffed racks and sift through the massive clearance section you can find great items at a huge discount!

Because the baubles are so flashy, I wanted to keep the bottom half of the outfit simple. I went for a classic black skirt. The shirt is a bit big on me so I decided to use a wide belt to bring out some shape and make it more fitted. To continue the black/grey theme, I tied this black and white giraffe print scarf with my headband fall. I used a 10-ish inch wide scarf and folded it in half to keep a wide headband.


Black Undershirt: Ruthie's (In Monsey)

Shirt/Vest: Loehmann's (originally Magaschoni)

Skirt: NY&Co.

Belt: Ann Taylor

Scarf (as headband): Century 21

Shoes: J.CREW

Where do you go for your great finds? Do you get a 'thrill of the save' feeling?


Yael said...

I go to marshalls and TJ Maxx. LOVES!

starlight said...

She's back!!! YAY!!! right on time because I have two essays and a presentation to write!!!

Emily Kennedy said...

This is so cute! Love that pretty neckline!

I wish there was a Loehmann's where I live. We have a TJ Maxx, but the racks are never overflowing. Plus, it's really the worst fluorescent lighting ever.