Monday, August 2, 2010

Feminine "Menswear"

Hats off to you:)

Pretty Embroidery


D had to work this past Sunday so we didn't get to have our Sunday to ourselves:( I decided to take the car do to guessed it...errands (story of my life.)! However, because we live in Bergen County and it still has really outdated Blue Laws, it is really hard to do anything near where we live. I had to drive a bit, and since I am not so familiar with many of the surrounding counties, I got a bit lost.

For this outfit, I was inspired by the button-downs and slacks D wears every Shabbos for synagogue and our meals with friends. This shirt is another item that every woman should have in her fashion arsenal: a simple white cotton button-down. A white button-down is so versatile - from layering under sweaters when the weather is cooler, to providing a blank canvas for some awesome accessories in the warmer weather! I paired the shirt with a black flowy skirt that has some interesting eyelet embroidery detailing (yes, it's the same skirt from yesterday's post - only in black!) Again, I put a wide woven leather belt over where the shirt tucks into the skirt. It keeps the outfit look neat, polished and put together. In going with the menswear theme, I wore my oxfords (one of my best transition-to-fall purchases). The hat also goes with the theme. This cap is a more structured, feminized version of a newsie cap. I am loving this hat! The necklace is a piece I thrifted years ago and is definitely a go-to necklace when I have a blank canvas outfit. I am not sure what it is made out of, but it's a great conversation piece none-the-less.


Undershirt: Kikiriki

White Button-down: Gap

Skirt: Gap

Belt: J.CREW

Necklace: Thrifted

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hat: Target

What do you think about women wearing "menswear"??


Modesty is Pretty said...

I just read that it is not considered modest for some orthodox women to wear menswear, is that true?
I'm an apostolic, and as part of our beliefs women should not wear menswear (that's why no pants). I like to wear feminine clothes and sometimes give it a menswear inpired touch, but that's about it. =)

alltumbledown said...

Love the newsie cap, Ally! This is a classic outfit, and I love your punch of color with the necklace.
alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style

Jacinta said...

I think some menswear items can be pulled off by women (like those wide leg trousers)but honestly, we are built differently so why wear something that hasn't been designed for us?
Your shoes are great btw! :)

Emily Kennedy said...

You are my inspiration for wearing flats with skirts. You pull it off so well!

Also, I went to Catholic school, and very much rebelled against the uniform once I was out. Never owned one white button-down in the twelve years since. I'm probably really missing out on all these awesome sartorial possibilities.

Modestly Fashioned said...

@Modestispretty - there is a concept in judaism that women should not wear what is called "beged ish" meaning 'men's clothing.' That is one of the (very many) reasons that a lot of orthodox women only wear skirts (like myself). However, there is no prohibition to wearing clothing specifically designed for a woman that potentially has a male counterpart (that is the reason that some orthodox women wear loose-fitting pants - that were designed specifically for women.) Therefore, menswear inspired feminine clothing, like this post, does not fall under the prohibition of "beged ish" 'mens clothing'. Does that help at all?

the sabra said...

Ooh I love this outfit. Wear it-and all your clothes ;) -in good health!

the sabra said...
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