Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Glimpse of Fall


It seems that a lot of bloggers in the personal style 'blogosphere' are pining for fall. I am no exception. These past few days of low-70s temps have already got me scheming up and dreaming about outfits for the cooler temperatures. I love layering, and to be honest, I am ready to not look 'weird' because I am covered up so much. With everyone covering up more for cooler temps, us 'modest folk' won't stand out so much:)

Today was pretty rainy and disgusting. Definitely one of those days where your sweatpants serenade you to stay in them longer (and possibly all day!) However, unfortunately I needed to go to Walgreen's and the post office. After getting dressed I realized that D had taken his raincoat and our only umbrella (why we only have one is beyond me - also, why I didn't get one at Walgreen's is also puzzling:))

In the afternoon the rain cleared a bit and Keppie and I walked over to my friend J's apartment to play with her son C (and to see her beautiful baby boy S again!). My other friend A came with her two daughters, E & K. We sat outside on the (mostly) dry grass and chatted while the kids played and Keppie chilled out and ate some grass (why she loves to eat grass - no clue!).

After D came home, we went to Costco and came out with a full cart (it's so hard not to, no?). We had leftover soup for dinner and hung out watching some T.V. It ended up being a pretty good day despite the grossness outside, hence why the pictures are inside today as well. I hate taking the pics inside, but if it's gross out or if I wait too long and lose the light, inside just has to do.

Since the temps were cooler, I knew that I wanted to layer. I have been loving my madras button-down and since it has grayish undertones, I threw on a gray sweater over it. My everyday jean skirt has gotten too big (so sad, right?:)) and so it finally bit the dust. I pulled this shorter (less structured) dark, denim pencil skirt out of my closet (it never really fit that well when I bought it, so it has been hanging in my closet for months) tried it on...and voila! Fits like a glove now:) Yay for shopping in my own closet! I don't have very many summery hats, so since it was so cool out I decided to pull out on of my fall berets. I had to pin it on because my hair is so fine that it was slipping all over the place without clips. I can't wait to break out the rest of my fall/winter hats:)


Madras button-down: J.CREW

Sweater: J.CREW

Skirt: J.CREW

Beret: H&M

Shoes: J.CREW

Are you pining for fall or still hanging on to summer??


starlight said...
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starlight said...

I'm pining for the fall, but not this rainy craziness! I love those crisp autumn days, when there's a hint of burning leaves in the cold, clear air...sigh.

alltumbledown said...

I love seeing a hint of what look like rocking curls under that beret! Isn't it nice to find a staple from what you already own?

Chaviva said...

I'm so excited to bust out my sweaters and layer ... le sigh. Bring me fall!

Alex Aviva said...

You can add me to the list of "persons pining for fall"!! I'm also excited about what modest looks will be out this fall.

Love the jean skirt! I'm trying to find one too.. no luck in the stores, so will probably order online.

Great blog! :)

shualah elisheva said...

pining for autumn.

question that might not be kosher: are you wearing a fall or sheitel under the hat, and then pinning the hat to that? or is that your natural hair?

curiouser and curiouser [in a good way].

Jason and Danielle said...

Can I just tell you I love your blog. I am not Jewish, but LDS and u greatly believe in modest dress as well. You have do much style and are such an inspiration!

Modestly Fashioned said...

@ Shualah elisheva - that is my natural hair peeking out. that amount is the amount that I am ok showing, but since it is getting longer, soon I will have to wear my fall when I do that.

@Jason & Danielle - thanks so much! I am glad you are enjoying! ps: follow me offically (click on the follow button by all the square pics of ppl:)) thanks!

Modestly Fashioned said...
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