Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wifely Duties


This past Sunday, we woke up to sunny skies, only to find out that it was all a tease before the rain. D actually took the pictures as it began to drizzle (thanks D, you're the best!) On Friday, while cleaning up the apartment, I decided to go through D's closet and organize his shirts. Let me tell you, my husband has more clothes that any boy I know! I went through all of the work/dressy shirts and hung them up properly (D, you better keep it that way!) on the top rack of the closet, while the casual button downs, polos and zip-up jacket-y things (yes, he has multiple!) found a better home on the bottom rack.

When we got married and moved in together, I knew that I would discover things about him (and his family) that were very different than the way I (and my family) did things. One of these things really bothered me: D uses the wire hangers from the dry cleaners for just about every shirt. While this may seem minor, those hangers are meant to be temporary until the freshly laundered clothes are transferred from their plastic shield back into your closet. They have very sharp edges where the metal is exposed (the top part of the hanger and the twisted part around the neck of the hanger), and these edges can snag clothing very easily leaving pulled threads or even small holes! My mother threw these out immediately and told us never to hang clothing on them because they can wreak havoc in a crowded closet. One of my 'new wife initiatives' is to slowly weed those hangers out of D's closet and replace them with harmless, plastic, wooden or the really cool 'no-slip fabric-y covered kind of hangers. Therefore, in an attempt to get a good deal on a lot of hangers, we went to Costco on Sunday (luckily we got home before the major rains came.) I will now continue the process of making over D's closet and rehanging his shirts on nice hangers (you're welcome honey:)).

I just got this khaki colored skirt back from the dry cleaners (and it was hung up on a proper hanger in my closet immediately:)) and I wanted to wear it. I really love the chambray trend this summer/fall and I decided that this color and texture combo was perfect for a bit dressy/bit casual. I felt that the muted colors needed a little oomph, so I belted with this skinny pink/coral belt. I livened it up even more with the brightly colored headscarf, the coral colored gladiator sandal with the great chain detail, and my great cherry colored bag. Since I got my new glasses, my contacts have been on a bit of a hiatus...but don't worry, they're comin' back!


Shirt: J.CREW

Skirt: Gap

Belt: J.CREW

Headscarf: Marshalls

Sandals: Aldo

Purse: Longchamp

Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Does your closet need a makeover?? Do you use those awful dry cleaner hangers?


Naimah AM said...

First off, I love your style! Being a modest Muslim woman, i appreciate seeing other women of faith looking lovely, fashionable and modest. I had a good laugh to myself at you attempt to organize your husband's side of the closet.. This was also what i was doing on Sunday, lol! Good luck on that closet make-over!


Chaviva said...

Oh my DH (dear husband) also does that with hangers ... drives me nuts. I use the black, slimline hangers (saves SO MUCH SPACE!), and he uses either the plastic or wire ones from wherever he gets them -- he even keeps the hangars from the store when he buys a shirt there! Barf. I should do what you do ... switch it all out when he's not looking :)

anat613 said...

I organize EVERYTHING in my house around the idea of my husband finding it or not. I truly believe there is a reason why women are natural rulers of the home. We're just better at it! lol. Chaviva, I'll have to check out those slimline hangers. It's getting difficult stuffing my husband's dress shirts in his closet.

Yael said...

Ally, Can you organize my closet? Its awful. And I TOTALLY have those dry cleaner hangers.

à la Modest said...

My husband has A TON of those dry clean hangers, too!! I never used to keep them as a single person. Now, I've gotten so used to them. Hey... more free stuff!

I am liking the mood of this outfit. Nice bandana!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love that bag! Oh dear, it's on my coveted list now.

Tiffany said...

Changing our hangers was one of my first organizing projects after we got married. I bought a ton of wooden ones from Ikea. I got him the dark ones and I have the lighter color. So, I know when he tries to take one of mine!

You have such a nice blog, I just found it and will be following it in the future. Also, that's such a cute outfit! Thanks for sharing.