Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New York Couture Fashion Week


I have the BEST husband ever!!! He surprised me with tickets to New York Couture Fashion Week:) It was at the famous Waldorf-Astoria on the East Side. Sunday night we sat second row at the Jack Guisso Runway Show where he showcased his Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Collection.
"Designer Jack Guisso has recreated winter elegance while breaking the barrier of traditional season colors. Thus was his Haute Couture fall/winter 2010 collection...out of the ordinary, no doubt, with sensual designs and a unique theme: The "Tango"."  ~Press Material
The dresses were stunning and the models were gorgeous. We had a fabulous time. We even got to stay around after and take some pictures on the runway and I even got some pics with the models!

I definitely felt the pressure while deciding what to wear to the show. Having not been to a fashion show before, I was worried about being under dressed. Well, I definitely wasn't under dressed, but I was wearing more clothing than most of the people there put together:) I have to admit that I was a little jealous that I couldn't wear a cute little cocktail dress, but after seeing some of the outfits that women were wearing, I remembered why dressing modestly is so important to me.

I chose a mostly black outfit because I figured it was the safest bet...I was right:) I love the asymmetrical zipper of this sweater and since it was rainy and chilly out I was glad that I layered. This blue and white striped button-down with the ruffles added to the interest of the outfit and because of the ruffles, I opted out of wearing a necklace. I wanted to keep the bottom simple, so I chose a classic black pencil skirt. I got these boots over the summer and they have been very lonely in my closet until recently. I broke them out over Rosh Hashanah and decided that they were the perfect finish to my ensemble. Since it was rainy, I wanted to wear a hat to keep my headband fall from getting soaked and I really liked the cute flowery details with the rhinestones. One of the models that I took a photo with told me my hat was cute:) I told her that I loved her!!


Sweater: J.CREW

Shirt: J.CREW

Skirt: Target

Boots: J.CREW

Beret: Nordstrom

What do you sometimes wish you could wear in the name of fashion??

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Modesty is Pretty said...

wow how cool! and you look gorgeous!