Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacay Getaway

Tennis Hall of Fame

Back of one of the mansions

Tea House at the Marble House

Hi, D!


For Labor Day weekend D and I decided to take a mini-vacay to Newport, Rhode Island. We left at 6 AM on Sunday morning and got there a bit before 9:30. We checked into our bed and breakfast (kosher!) and then started our day. Newport is famous for their mansions and you can purchase tickets to tour a bunch of them. We decided to tour 5 of them. The 3 biggest ones had self-guided audio tours and the 2 smaller ones we took the tours with the docents. They were amazing! They used to be private residences back in the Guilded Age and are gorgeous beyond belief. The last one we went to on Sunday even had a wedding being set up in the backyard grounds.

After touring a bunch of the mansions we then went back to our B&B to change and D had planned a surprise for me. We went down to the wharf and got in line to board our sunset schooner ride! It was amazing and soooo romantic. D had packed a bottle of champagne for the boat and we got to watch the sun set over the bay. It was a beautiful night out, cool with a breeze and it was such a special surprise from my sweet husband...I love you, D:)

As you can see, this is a double outfit post! For the mansions, I wanted to be comfortable so I knew that I wanted to wear a jean skirt. The weather was super sunny out but fall was definitely in the I decided to wear some fall-inspired colors. This lightweight shrug-like shirt was perfect layered over a white undershirt. To keep it closed, I decided on this wide braided leather belt. I wanted to keep the accessories in the same color scheme so I went with necklaces that were brown and neutral colors. To keep the hair out of my face on a semi-windy day, I wore this scarf with my headband fall and it was perfect!

For the boat, D warned me that it might be a bit chilly and that I might want to layer. I kept the same jean skirt, but layered a simple black button-down tied together with the same belt. To keep warm, I brought this 'blazer-esque' sweater. I love the structure of this sweater and that it has the style of a suit blazer. It has great lines and fits wonderfully! To add a pop of color, I went with this turquoise teardrop necklace. The bright scarf kept my hair out of my face on this windy night and pulled the outfit together:)

Outfit (s)

White Undershirt: The Pink Orchid (Passaic, NJ)

Shrug - Target

Skirt: J.CREW

Necklaces: Thrifted

Scarf: T.J. Maxx

Belt: J.CREW

Shoes: J.CREW

Shades: Target

Button-down: Gap

Skirt: J.CREW

Sweater: Banana Republic

Necklace: LOFT

Scarf: Century 21

Shoes: J.CREW

Belt: J.CREW

Shades: Target

Where would you go on a mini-vacay??


Not Your Grandmother's Kosher Kitchen said...

I was just in Newport with my family a couple weeks ago and recognized all the places you were at....isn't it great there?? You look great! Love the necklace!!

alltumbledown said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am always in awe of your rad accessories and how they bring texture and nuance to your outfits.

Lucky said...

Girl, I'm loving the outfits, but the shoes just do not go. Get you some pretty brown slingbacks for fall. I bet it'd be easy to find some on sale :)