Sunday, September 12, 2010

White on Labor Day


I wore this outfit so long ago that I can't ever remember what I did that day...senior moment:(! I promise...I wore this skirt on Labor Day...I just had to get in one more white skirt wear the day of the official ban! Not gonna lie though, wearing white skirts makes me hyper aware of what I am eating, sitting on, etc...because I am so prone to spilling on myself (I have been known to drop an entire plate of food on myself at once; ask D!), sitting on unidentifiable messes and generally getting white dirty one way or another. Miraculously, I think this skirt survived the season unscathed and will live to be worn another year...see ya on the flip side, skirt!

I really like the color combo of the white skirt and the mint green. Something about it is just so fresh. I also remember it being very hot that day and the loose flowy skirt and lightweight button-down kept me very cool. I decided to go with the cognac color accessories because I thought that the color contrast was good with the muted green and white. I got this braided belt at a thrift store in college - it was my first thrift store find and I was very excited. The only annoying thing is that it only has 3 holes and they are placed so that it has to be a hip belt. Because of that, I don't wear it so often as I usually prefer belts to be cinched on my waist. I paired the 3-circle wooden necklace with the ensemble to finish the look.


Shirt: J.CREW

Skirt: Gap

Belt: Thrifted

Necklace: Thrifted

Bag: Longchamp

Shoes: J.CREW

Do you follow the 'No White After Labor Day' ban? Are you gonna miss your white?


starlight said...

I thought it was only white shoes! I'm not ready to part with my white skirts! AAAAAHHHH!!!

Alex Aviva said...

Looks great! I bought 3 white skirts this summer... I'm a little sad to see them go!

Shanah Tovah! :)

Jessica said...

No way!! Don't follow the rule! White in winter is fun, and I wear it in fall too. Just as long as it's not too summery of a fabric. I know what you mean about spilling though, I'm always worried about getting stuff on my whites. You look too cute hun =)