Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in Black


Ever have one of those days when you go from your drawers to you closet and back again and again hoping that the perfect outfit will materialize? Feeling that despite a closet full of clothes, that you have nothing to wear? Going through each article of clothing rationalizing why you can't wear it today (too hot out, too cold out, skinny day, fat day, etc.) Yeah...that's how this outfit came about. When I am struggling to find something to put together I tend to reach for blacks. I think it's because I just feel like I look more polished in black. It's instantly glamorous, flattering and easy. Sometimes I have to feel bold to wear a bold pattern; or feel happy to wear bright colors...but is like the trusty, no-fail option for whatever kind of day I'm having.

This sweater is probably one of the oldest pieces in my closet. I bought it my sophomore year in college, and despite it not being a good quality sweater, it's definitely held up better than I thought. This sweater also seems to look good no matter what! I decided to pair it with a simple denim pencil skirt. Because black is such a blank canvas it screams for accessories! I wanted to do something other than a necklace, so I chose to tie this black and white patterned scarf in a kind of 'Wild, Wild West' inspired drape. I added some subtle interest with a skinny black patent leather belt and topped off the outfit (haha...get it?!) with this structured newsie cap. It has gotten cool enough for leggings (yay!) but I wasn't ready to say bye to my top-siders.


Sweater: Wet Seal

Skirt: J.CREW

Leggings: Target

Belt: Talbots

Hat: Target

Scarf: Century 21

Shoes: J.CREW

Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Do you ever have 'those' kind of days? What do you reach for?


Emily Kennedy said...

I should seriously do an experiment to determine if dissatisfaction with ones' closet increases during seasonal changes. That would be a kind of awesome paper.

à la Modest said...

Hey Ally! Thanks for the sweet comment about my hair! :) That was very flattering... BUT my hair didn't get flat (pun intended). I have such thick hair that what was supposed to look flat got round on my face. harhar.

I like this outfit! You are great accessorizing. I have been feeling dark colors lately. I don't know why the outfits haven't gone to my blog... maybe because when I wear dark, they're usually during my "blah" days.