Sunday, October 10, 2010

End of Summer


The weather is starting to cool down and I am now back into the full swing of things with school and life and everything in general...and I'm loving it! It was nice to travel for the Jewish Fall Holidays and to see family and friends (in Chicago and Knoxville, TN) and we loved having some time off from work and school to sleep, eat good food, and celebrate the essence of the holidays, but it was a LOT of traveling and we are glad to be home:)

I am really enjoying my classes. They are much harder than last year, and because each class is 3 1/2 hours long, sometimes it is hard to have full concentration all the time, but everyone is so smart and interesting and it's a great school, so I am happy. My learning partner, R, is great. We are still getting to know each other, but we get along really well and I think that we work really well together. She is so smart and I know that I have a lot to learn from her!

Days at school consist of a LOT of sitting so I have to put together outfits that are comfortable for sitting all day. Since summer is coming to a close, I have been trying to get in a few last wears of some of my most summery outfits. I will be a bit sad to pack them up, but I can't wait to unpack the fall/winter clothes...bring on the layers!! For this outfit, I knew I wanted to wear this light blue skirt. I love baby blue paired with white, so I decided to keep the top simple. I love the ruffle detail of this top because it adds a bit more interest to a simple cotton top. This necklace was one of my favorite spring purchases and I definitely got some great use out of it. Since the outfit is simple, I thought that it was a great canvas for some bold accessories. The bright scarf adds a splash of color and the gold belt ties everything together. I will be so sad to see my platinum gold top-siders get packed away. They were arguably the best overall spring purchase I made. I wore them everyday for about 5 months so the 'cost per wear' equaled about $0.50 per day! That's an awesome 'CPW':)


Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: Gap

Belt: J.CREW

Necklace: LOFT

Scarf: Century 21

Top-Siders: J.CREW

What was your favorite spring/summer purchase? What item are you going to miss most from summer?


Linda said...

Hello, fabulous head scarf!

starlight said...

I'm really going to miss my white jean skirt. It matched everything and made my outfits look so polished.

Side note: Could you write a blog post about how you choose your silk mitpachot from Century 21. They have such a variety of colors and patterns that I can never decide what will be a good addition to my wardrobe.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

I love the head scarf! So wish I could wear them!