Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghetto Fabulous!


I was told by one of my classmates that this outfit made me look "ghetto fabulous". I am not exactly sure what that means, but I think she meant it as a compliment:) I kinda thought that I looked like a hip-hop artist so maybe that's kinda related to 'ghetto fabulous', no? Well in any event, whatever I looked like, I felt extremely confident in this outfit and it put a spring in my step. Ya' know when you feel like you look good and it gives you that little confidence boost to get through a long day? Yeah, that was this outfit:)

I really like this sweater/vest/top/thing...whatever you would call it:) It has an very open weave so it is versatile for fall and spring...and potentially the beginning of winter. I paired it with a simple black undershirt and pencil skirt. I added the fun patterned fishnets for added interest. To cinch the sweater at the waist, I opted for a wide stretchy black belt. To match the black accessories, I went with this menswear inspired 'newsie' cap and some fun fringy moccasins. For a little bling, I added this medallion chain necklace. All in all - very happy with the look:)


Sweater: Banana Republic

Undershirt: Kayla's Blessing (Chicago, IL)

Skirt: Target

Fishnets: Target

Belt: Ann Taylor

Necklace: Banana Republic

Hat: Target

Shoes: Zappos (Minnetonka)

What outfit makes you feel super confident? Does a great outfit put a spring in your step?



the colour of the vest looks great on you <3

Valencia said...

You look awesome! I would love it if you would stop by my blog on Feminine Fridays and link up if you get a chance. Lovin' your style!

Modestly Fashioned said...

@saving betty - thanks so much:) that's really sweet!

@valencia - thanks so much:) I went on to your blog - it's great! I think I linked up correctly...but I'm not sure (I'm still really new to this whole blogging thing:)) If I didn't do it correctly, I am sorry and if you don't mind giving me some instructions, I will try to get it right:)

Valencia said...

Thank you so much for linking up. You did awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog, so I can see another "real shaped woman" dressing modest, yet stylish. I'm your newest follower!!

Tiffany said...

I'm in Chicago and miss Kayla's Blessing dearly. I would sneak away on my lunch break from work sometimes and was never disappointed. I still have a denim skirt and sea green knit dress/skirt from there!

Modesty is Pretty said...

You always look so cute in your outfits, maybe the girl said that because of your "bling" hehe not very good at using slang words. Those mocs are awesome, I've get a pair and I'm still waiting for the temps to cool off and then I will wear them (hopefully) you've rocked them so well I feel inspired.

Modestly Fashioned said...

@Valencia - thanks so much for hosting my link...and for following:) And thanks for the kind words...I am just trying to let people know that you can still be modest, true to yourself and your beliefs and be stylish and feel comfortable with yourself and confident!

@Tiffany - I actually didn't buy anything from them except the shells, however I also used to walk over during my lunch break and browse:)

@Modesty is Pretty - Thanks so much! I am also not much for the slang words...but I thought that 'bling' was pretty accurate...especially after being called ghetto fab! These mocs are the best, I hope you get to wear yours soon:)

Grandma Kathleen said...

I really love this outfit! the cap is so you!!! I wish I could wear one but alas, I am not a hat or cap person.