Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Green


Since I am back in school full time, I don't have all the time that I had this summer to constantly be running errands, so anything that needs to get done usually happens after D and I get home from work/school. I wanted to get these pics in outside because natural light is sooooo much better than the bad incandescent lighting in my dining room and since I had my camera on me and we were at Target (one of my happy places), I had D snap away:) It's always a little embarrassing to take a ton of pictures in front of crowds of people, and I did get a few weird looks as people passed in and out of the store, but I figured that if I am willing to put my life on the internet I should not be bothered by people watching the photoshoot! Does anyone else who blogs (with photos of themselves) get camera-shy sometimes??

As you probably figured out already I love color and I am not afraid to try blog new color combos. I've had this sweater for a few months now and I just haven't been inspired. Since I wear shirts that cover my collarbone for modesty reasons, I sometimes shy away from V necks. I feel that unless it is a patterned shirt, that the undershirt underneath sometimes looks weird and obvious and makes me stand out as 'strange'. Especially if it isn't a low 'V' and wouldn't show cleavage or a lot of skin, because then I think that people think that I am strange because the shirt isn't that low to begin with and there I am covering up even more!

I got the scarf over the summer for $8 and I haven't figured out that many outfits to wear it with. I thought it would be more versatile, but it's been sitting in my scarf bin. However, when I looked in my closet, suddenly it clicked! I love tying scarves around my neck in this drape-y way, because it really conceals an undershirt under a V neck. Instead of seeing an awkward expanse of white undershirt, you see a really cool patterned scarf:) I paired it with a lightweight black cotton skirt with some fun eyelet embroidery and leggings and finished the look with my cognac colored mocs and school purse:)


Undershirt: Elzee (Brooklyn, NY)

Sweater: Banana Republic

Skirt: Gap

Leggings: Target

Scarf: Talbots

Mocs: J.CREW


Do you ever get camera shy in public? How do you hide an insecurity in dress?


Nora said...

Love the scarf! I work at Talbot's and they happen to be my biggest weakness there!

Apple said...

I love that sweater and scarf and that purse. Yes, I feel like an idiot having my picture taken in public, so that's why my photos are pretty much always in our condo. I don't know how to get over it because it's really unnatural for me, so I just don't do it. Was that at a Target (the red circle)?

Modest Apple -- A Fashion Blog

Destined For Now said...

I love color too and I am definitely loving your scarf.

anat613 said...

Going thru my Orthodox conversion, I now have to dress tzniut every day. This also includes nylons in addition to the collarbone being covered. I don't mind, but then sometimes I'll see an Orthodox woman in the store and think "agh! She looks so out of place", and then realize that I'm dressing the same way. Basically what I TRY to do is be colorful (just like you are!) and buy shirts/dresses that don't have huge boatnecks or wide, rounded necklines. Putting a t-shirt under those just makes me feel like I'm wearing a huge bib! But a tiny bit of white under a v-neck looks very attractive, I think.

starlight said...

That's so funny about that sweater... I bought it too! And it has been sitting in my closet b/c I'm not sure how to style it either! However, you have inspired me. Besides, it's so wonderfully soft.

carlotta said...

Very cute! I adore your scarf...scarves have been my favorite accessory lately :)

Modestly Fashioned said...

@Nora - Talbot's has great scarves...I always take a peek when I am in the mall:)

@Apple - I am getting more and more used to taking pics in public. Ive learned that if you look like it's perfectly natural, then people are less likely to think it's's like they feed off your insecurites:( Yeah, it is the red circle in front of Target:) It was getting late for outside pics, so I was seeing if I could make it work...what do you think??:)

@DFN - thanks! color is fun:)

@anat613 - It's a big adjustment that takes a lot of thought, and for me it is very rewarding! Good luck in your personal journey!

@starlight - it's a great sweater! Good luck with the styling...let me know what you come up with:)

@carlotta - scarves are great accessories! They are an easy accessory that pack a lot of punch:) They def instantly jazz up an outfit:)