Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Keppie is getting sooo big!!


I am a big fan of funky necklaces. I never really change my earrings and for the most part the only rings I wear are my engagement and wedding rings, so necklaces allow me to have a creative outlet with my jewelry. As you may notice, a lot of my necklaces are thrifted. I love thrifting necklaces because you are almost guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind piece, which to me is pretty cool. Not that I mind having the same necklace as others, and believe me, I spend plenty of time shuffling through the sale bins at my favorite stores like Banana Republic and J.CREW looking for great pieces on sale - and you can bet that they made 1000s of each of those:)

D got me this really cool chainmail necklace from an independent designer/vendor who came to his workplace and set up a table in the cafeteria hoping to sell their jewelry. I LOVE it! It is such a cool, unique piece and I really wanted to pick an outfit that showed it off:) I chose this olive-y brown tunic with cool puffy sleeves, ruching down the middle and a nice waist-tie not only because I wanted to keep my color palette neutral, but also because the V-neck would be a great neckline to show off the necklace. To keep the outfit simple, since the necklace is a bit of a statement in itself, I paired it with a simple black pencil skirt and my black moccasins. To add a bit more interest to the kinda plain outfit, I opted for a silk scarf with brown tones mixed in and a cool chain detail to play off the chainmail of the necklace.


Black Undershirt: Kayla's Blessing (Chicago, IL)

Tunic: Annie Sez

Skirt: Target

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Necklace: Gift from D

Scarf: Century 21

Shoes: Zappos (Minnetonka)

Do you ever build outfits around your accessories? What are your favorite accessories and where do you get them??


Modesty is Pretty said...

Oh your dog is so cute!! Okay your outfit is awesome as always, I love your necklace! ABout jewelry I have a cameo necklace I love, I bought it at a garage sale for $3 dollars. I don't wear much jewelry, in fact I just decided to start wearing more again, the other day I tried earrings, a pair pearl earrings that my father gave me 18 years ago, but when I looked at myself I didn't like the way they looked on me anymore, so I think I'll stay away from earring but I will try chucky necklaces, I'm just trying to find special pieces of jewelry, something that has a special meaning, so for now it's my cameo necklace. =D

Ilona said...

Hi Keppie, nice to meet you! :-)

That's a great necklace and I can totally understand that you startet with it when choosing your clothes. I'm surprised that it works so well to wear a longer tunic with a skirt. Everytime I tried this I just looked weird. Maybe the difference is that you did this with a pencil skirt while most of my own skirts are more of the flowing type...

My favourite accessories are scarves, both worn around the neck or as a headscarf. There's a monthly local flea market and I normally don't leave without a scarf (or two...), so since I'm living here, I've gathered lots of them. And yes, sometimes I build an outfit around a scarf. And as I bought some coloured tights recently I might soon start to build outfits around those, too.

à la Modest said...

Your dog is so cute! I feel like I needed to point that out first because the first time I put my dog in my post, no one commented on how cute he was haha. I got a little bratty and tweeted about it, and now everybody is forced to comment on his cute looks :) (I'm really far from bratty)

That is such a gorgeous necklace!! I would have snagged that too if I saw it!

Sarah said...

ooh I love this statement necklace.

heidiluxe said...

you have the best jewelry collection. and you know how to wear it. i am completely inspired.
i love to build an outfit around accessories. i'm a shoes kind of gal so i feel like i have a completely different look just based on changing shoes and tights.