Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chunky Sweaters!


It's that time of the year again...time for chunky sweaters! I love chunky sweaters. The are so comfortable and warm and so easy to both layer and wear as is. Because of my body shape, I tend to look best in longer sweaters with a bit more shape.

I really like this grey sweater because it has a subtle pattern and the color is a bit marbled. I layered it over a black undershirt and paired it with my black pencil skirt to keep the outfit simple. My black moccasins, simple black knitted beret, and black and silver necklace finished off the ensemble.


Black Undershirt: Elzee (Brooklyn, NY)

Sweater: LOFT

Skirt: Target

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Moccasins: Zappos (Minnetonka)

Beret: H&M

Necklace: Thrifted

Are you a fan of the chunky sweaters?? If so, what's your favorite style?


Camille said...

Hello, I'm a new follower and have been reading for a little bit. It is so refreshing to see somebody who has almost the same modesty values as myself, but still has a awesome style! I love chunky sweaters! My favorite sweaters to wear in the winter are my cashmere sweaters, because I hate the cold and they are so warm and comfortable (I find really great deals on my cashmere, I've never paid full price for one!). Anyway, you have an awesome blog and I can't wait to through some of your posts! :)



Toyin O. said...

The sweater looks nice.

Modestly Fashioned said...

@camille - welcome! always nice to have a new follower:) it's also nice to meet more young women who value modesty:) thats awesome about the cashmere sweaters...i really need some more! i have one and i also got it on great sale:)

@toyin o. - thanks so much!

Mrs. Marcus said...

I actually don't own any chunky sweaters, but I've been wanting what I call a grandpa sweater (sorry I don't know what the "proper" name is).

I've never been a fan of moccasins, but I like these. Actually I like most of your shoes!

Modestly Fashioned said...

@mrs.marcus - i also want a grandpa sweater!! i think thats an appropriate name:) i ordered one from are having an extra 30% off of all their sale it was really reasonable! take a look! also thanks about the mocs!

Modesty is Pretty said...

ALso loving this look, I'm so glad finally got to comment, for some reason I wasn't able to see any updates from your blog at blogger, I guess there was some trouble with blogger itself. You know, I love chunky sweaters that fit snug, anything too big is overwhelming on my already squared frame, so I always try to wear something where my barely-there waist can still be detected. My fave are wool blend sweaters and cashmere!

Sheva said...

I'm way into the chunky sweaters this year. I have been wearing tunic length sweaters and pencil skirts and loving it. You look great!