Sunday, November 21, 2010

Golden Girl


I recently got some new winter berets from H&M and I really wanted to wear this cute gold studded number. This outfit was inspired by this outfit from What Would A Nerd Wear. I love her style which I would describe as 'preppy casual'.  I like the very simple black shirt and khaki skirt with a bold chunky gold necklace.

Since it is colder here in the Northeast than in the Midwest, I opted for a black wool turtleneck and a cognac colored corduroy skirt. To keep warm I wore black tights and my tan equestrian boots (which I love even more each time I wear them!). I recently blogged about this necklace here...and I wanted another excuse to wear it:) I topped of this ensemble with this great wool beret with cute golden square studs. I love how the gold and cognac colored items really pop against the black backdrops!!!


Turtleneck: J.CREW

Skirt: J.CREW

Necklace: Gift from D

Hat: H&M

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Boots: Banana Republic

What sort of accessories do you build your outfits around?


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

this cracks me up because as i was scrolling down, i was thinking "i just LOVE the necklace over the turtleneck!" i'm flattered to be the inspiration for this look :)

Chaviva said...

I don't know about it being colder here than in the Midwest ... it's definitely colder in Nebraska than it is here. It was definitely colder in Chicago than out here, too!

Modesty is Pretty said...

Oh this outfit is great, you always find clothes that flatter your figure and have a great fit. The turtle neck is one I've struggled finding for years, I've looked so long to replace an old one that I bought at F21 but I've been unable to, they always are too tight or too lose-fitting. Anyways, you look gorgeous and you have such beautiful eyes!

Camille said...

I love this outfit! I like to build my outfits around pretty necklaces, scarves, and flower hair pins! You look beautiful as always! Reminds me, I'm doing a modest photo contest over at my blog {the link:} and I'm inviting you to enter. You totally should. :)



Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Chic outfit!! I especially love how you added the bib necklace, its so shiny and stylish!

Ilona said...

It's that necklace again - I still love it! Black, gold and this warm shade of brown are such a gorgeous colour scheme, and your new beret is awesome - I guess I'd really have to control myself not to search H&M for it if I didn't have a black and gold hat already. Which I really want to wear now! (So there's a small 'chain reaction' going on because today you were inspired by "What Would a Nerd Wear" and soon I'll certainly be inspired by you.)