Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Ready to "Shop Modestly Fashioned"

Shop Modestly Fashioned

Get excited!! The "Shop Modestly Fashioned" Page is up and running! 

Go check out all of my items for sale. If you don't see anything you like now, stay tuned because I still have a bunch of items to add:)

E-mail me with any questions you may have


Chaviva said...

You should totally model the clothes so people can see lengths and stuff! :P

à la Modest said...

Good job with the store! It's taking me forever to put my clothes up on sale, so I am thinking of just donating my clothes to Goodwill. Nothing's lost if it's going to charity, right? Although, I really am not sure how much of Goodwill's proceeds go to charity and how much goes to just profit. Ah, I'm thinking too much!