Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good InVESTment


Today was another pretty lazy day. I took Keppie out to play in the snow and she loved it again...it's so darn cute to watch her jump around. We played fetch with a stick and she couldn't get enough. I finally had to take her inside because I was getting cold and she resisted the whole way back to the door.

I actually didn't end up getting dressed until the early evening because we finally got to leave the apartment. We went and did a bunch of errands because the roads have now been sufficiently plowed enough for people to be going out safely. Unfortunately, the most most important errand we had to do was unsuccessful. We need to get Keppie "paw protector boots" since the salt that is used for the roads and sidewalks is really bad for the pads on her paws. We didn't plan too well in advance and they were out of her size and since we got so much snow, the truck with a new shipment was delayed. Oh well, I'll go back on Thursday and try again...sorry Keps!

I didn't realize until I was going through all of these photos that the forest green of the turtleneck doesn't really stand out from the black skirt and black pinstripe vest. This vest has shown me that some of the best items in my closet can be thrifted. I got this vest almost 2 years ago and it is one of the most often worn items in my closet. It was super cheap and has held up amazingly! I have plans next week to spend a day thrifting and I can't wait:) I jazzed this dark outfit up a bit with my gold chainmail necklace and finished it with my black fringy moccasins.


Turtleneck: Banana Republic Outlet

Vest: Thrifted (H&M)

Skirt: Target

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Necklace: Gift from D

Shoes: Zappos (Minnetonka)

For all y'all Northeasterners: what have you been doing with these snowy days? What's the best part about snow?


Ilona said...

This is clearly one of my favourite outfits of yours! The colour of the turtleneck is fantastic and it looks awesome with both the vest and the necklace. With the skirt and boots, too, of course ;-) Green and black look great together.

Mrs. Marcus said...

I love your skirts. You've made me realize that my closet is lacking in skirts.

Meow & Mwah

à la Modest said...

Aw, what kind of dog do you have? :) I walk my bichon just around my back and front yard, so I don't have to worry about the salt touching his paws. Those paw protector boots sound neat, though. Our dog does the same thing when I walk him and it's super cold out. I feel bad pulling him back in the house when he's enjoying all the exercise he's getting... I wish I had that same attitude with exercise. Haha!

I have a very similar vest to yours, but I don't wear vests very often. I really should. Yours looks great with that emerald green blouse and that chunky gold necklace!

Abi P. said...

I love vests. My sister bought me one from NY. It's suede and the back is silk paisley. It's so pretty <3

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing a fall or a full sheitel in this pic? Because it looks gorgeous, perfect color and length etc...could you point me in the direction of where you got it?

Modestly Fashioned said...

@ILona - thanks so much! I wasn't sure when I saw the photos...but your vote of confidence means a lot:)

@Mrs. Marcus - thanks so much! I think some great skirts should be a staple in every girl's closet...and even more so for frum women:)

@alamodest - we have a 81/2 month golden retriever:) you should def wear you vest! i think that vests really pull an outfit together!

@Abi P. - thanks so much! your vest sounds beautiful!

@Anon - i am wearing a band fall; however, i pulled a bit of my bangs over the top to blend in and cover the top part. All 3 of my wigs are from Esti in flatbush, brooklyn. she is on coney island avenue and either ave j or k ish. if you want her number just let me know...i highly recommend her:)