Monday, December 13, 2010

Toasty Turtleneck


One of my favorite winter items to wear when it is cold out and I want to be toasty warm is a turtleneck. I know some people hate them, but I love how they make you feel all wrapped up and they are so comfortable since they are always some sort of stretchy material. I do have a couple that are wool, so they are a but itchy, but since I wear an undershirt of some sort under everything they never bother me. This particular turtleneck happens to be one of my all time favorites. My favorite color is and has always been orange, but when I was little I felt pressured to say it was pink so that I would appear girly enough, and then as I got older, I felt pressure to say that it was blue because I thought that people would think that orange was a weird color to have as a favorite color. But then high school came, and with it the courage to be myself - I got a bright orange backpack and carried it all through high school, college, for all my travelling as my carry-on, and to this day, whenever I use my bright orange backpack it always makes me smile cause I love it so much:)

So yeah, this turtleneck is also bright orange and since it's such a flashy color on top, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple and muted. I paired it with a flowy corduroy black skirt and black tights and wore my warm fuzzy Ugg boots. To top it all off, I layered two necklaces that showcase the great fall colors.


Sweater: GAP

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Boots: UGG

Necklaces: Thrifted

Are you also a big fan of turtlenecks? What are your fave winter wears??


Elaine said...

Such a cute look! YOu look good in coral. and orange.

Nora said...

Super cute. Orange isn't my color but I love the turtleneck.

Ilona said...

I'm glad you're back :-) The corduroy skirt and turtleneck look really warm and comfortable.
I'm also a fan of turtlenecks for winter - and of warm skirts that have underskirts, because with tights or leggins underneath they're much warmer than one expects a skirt to be, warmer than trousers.

Mrs. Marcus said...

I like turtlenecks too. I try to stay away from wool ones though - they make my neck itch.

Cute outfit. Is the turtleneck really bright orange? It looks like its pretty coral.

à la Modest said...

Haha, I had favorite color phases growing up too! When I was in pre-school, I had pink as my favorite and yellow as my second--just like all the other girls in my class. We used to take bathroom trips together and (okay, don't freak out), compare our underwear. We mostly had pink on, some yellow, and sometimes another girl would have another color on just because they ran out of pink or yellow to wear for that week. How silly! I remember feeling superior when I had pink on, felt a little less superior with yellow, and just totally ashamed if I had a different color on.

Anyway, there's a story for each favorite color I had. I still like pink, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite---possibly due to the implications! Ah, I shouldn't care about that.

I like orange a lot too. It looks good on you!

m1ke1970 said...

I LOVE seeing women wear high/tight, ribbed and long sleeved turtlenecks!!

Can you model a turtleneck outfit using my description and wear with a blazer, skirt, pantyhose, cuffed white bobbysocks and sneakers (from movie Working Girl)?