Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Break!


I started my winter break today and it goes through the end of January! I am so excited and D and I have some fun stuff planned and I am already making dates with friends to hang out:) D and I are going on a ski trip over the Christmas weekend and I can't wait! I have never been skiing before and because of that I'm a tad bit nervous. I don't have great balance and I am a bit clutzy so wish me luck!!! I am hoping that becase I am a good ice skater (believe it or not, despite the balance issues and the clutziness), that the skills will transfer:) I'll be sure to update y'all with how it goes:)

Well winter is definitely here in full force! We saw a few flakes here recently and the temperatures have been in the 20s this past I have started layering like there is no tomorrow!  This color combo just kinda came together...but I love it!! As I mentioned here...I love turtlenecks and I have a bunch in a variety of colors. Here, I decided to match an eggplant purple turtleneck with a camel colored corduroy skirt. I really like to wear cognac colored accessories when I wear light colored skirts. For this outfit, I layered two wooden necklaces, went with the light camel colored equestrian boots, and since here, in these photos, I am coming straight from school, I am carrying my cognac leather satchel that I carry every day. I topped the whole ensemble off with a light tan flower beret.


Sweater: GAP Outlet

Skirt: J. CREW

Boots: Banana Republic

Tights: DKNY

Necklaces: Thrifted

Beret: Nordstrom


Do you have a winter break?? What are y'all gonna do over winter (break)??


Rivster said...

The beret is awesome. I really love the additional flair that it adds.

What do you suggest as far as layering goes for the girl who despises turtlenecks? I'm new to tzniut and will be moving east next year so I am thinking ahead to next winter ;)

Shavua tov and enjoy your term break!

Mrs. Marcus said...

I love that beret too!

Meow & Mwah