Sunday, January 9, 2011

Criss Cross


I take the bus into Manhattan every day for school and on the way home the bus stops on the street in front of my gym, I get off the bus, D meets me there with my gym bag, and we go work out. Since I usually wake up before D in the morning, there is no opportunity to take pictures before school, so these pictures (and all of the others with the same background) are taken in the lobby of the hotel connected to our gym:)

I admired this sweater when it first came out at J.CREW in the late fall/early winter, but I wasn't willing to pay full price. However, when I went back a couple months later to browse the sale rack, there it was - just waiting for me to purchase! I wanted to get it in other colors (yes, that's how I shop...when I find something that I love, I buy it in multiple colors)...but alas, this was the only one left in my size. I love the criss-cross detail and I knew I wanted to layer something with an interesting pattern or texture, so I decided on this ruffle "tuxedo" top. I paired it with my denim pencil skirt, added a long gold chain necklace, and finished it with my black fringe moccasins.


Sweater: J.CREW

Shirt: Banana Republic

Skirt: J.CREW

Tights: Century 21 (Hue)

Necklace: Banana Republic

Shoes: Zappos (Minnetonka)

What are some of your most exciting sale finds?


Mrs. Marcus said...

Exciting sale find: this weekend I bought a dress at Loft for $12 and a skirt for $16. Actually most of my stuff (99%) I buy on sale. :)

I love that sweater on you. You look good in that color.

Meow & Mwah

Anonymous said...

This sweater looks great on you. I love how you paired it up with the ruffled blouse and made a casual but a professional looking outfit. I did notice that you are wearing a fall in this picture and would love to hear more about how you make it work.

I also noticed that in many of your outfits you use a denim skirt as a base. It looks great on you and I see that it is almost an essential part of your wordrobe. I would so love to see and hear about other items in your closet that you consider essentials.


Nora said...

Love the sweater! Great color and style.

Rochel said...

Hey, I love your blog. So, I am happy to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award. It's a fun blogger award for fellow bloggers to show their appreciation for each other. You can find more details on my blog.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh, goodness, I'm so glad to hear that other people buy nicely fitting clothes in multiple colors. My mom used to try to make me do it when I was a kid, & I would yell & scream at her for it because I thought it was weird & boring. Now I'm like, "Excuse me, HOW MANY COLORS DOES THIS COME IN?! Because I NEED THEM ALL!"