Friday, January 21, 2011

Shabbos Finest


Many of you may have noticed that I never post Friday night or until after dark on Saturday night. As an Orthodox Jew, I observe the Sabbath, or as most Jews of Eastern European descent call it, Shabbos. In the Torah (5 Books of Moses), it is described in Genesis that G-d created the world for six days, and on the seventh day, he rested. Since on the Hebrew calendar, the day begins at night, Shabbos starts sundown Friday night and lasts 25 hours, until an hour after sundown Saturday night. In order to sanctify the day on which G-d rested, Jews also "rest".

We have specific positive and negative commandments (restricitions) that we are required to follow. Most of the postitive commandments involve remembering and guarding Shabbos, keeping it holy, and making it separate and special from the rest of the week. Women light special Shabbos candles and we make special blessings over wine and bread. We eat big festive meals with friends and family, attend synagogue services and generally relax and recharge from a long, hectic week.

The negative commandments are a bit more complicated. They all derive origin from actions that were taken to complete the Tabernacle in the desert. Such actions include writing, making fires and building. Our Rabbinic tradition has broadened the scope of the actions to safeguard people from possibly transgressing and has reinterpreted them as generations have lapsed. In today's day and age, on Shabbos, we refrain from using electricity (i.e computer, cell phones, tv, turning off and on lights, cooking, etc.) We make all of our food preparations before hand leave lights on that we may want while turning everything else off for the 25 hour period. We are not allowed to drive anywhere, nor are we allowed to take any form of transportation. We must use stairs, refrain from writing, listening to music, etc.

It is a time to step back from all of the distractions of the week and our normal busy lives, and spend time with family and friends all while keeping in mind the sanctity and holiness of the day. For many, it is the only opportunity during the week to socialize and not have to worry about what has to get done and the stress of normal daily life. It is a time to reflect on the awesomeness of G-d and we let his spiritual presence surround us.

On of the ways that we honor G-d is by dressing in our nicest clothes. Since the restrictions of Shabbos do not allow us to take pictures I never get to post my Shabbos clothes. However, last week I was actually ready before the Shabbos officially began and decided to get some shots of my Shabbos finest:) I just got this silver skirt and black bow detail shirt. Gap and Banana Republic were both having major sales on their clearance merchandise and I was able to snag this skirt for $4 at the Gap and the shirt for $11 at Banana Republic...SCORE!! The shirt is jerseyish material, so it's actually pretty casual. I knew that I wanted to dress it up, so I layered it over a confettt-detailed white button down. Tucking shirts in always adds instant polish, so I went ahead and tucked...I also like how you get to see the cute ribbon detail on the waist when the shirt is tucked in:) I recently saw this hat at Forever 21 and fell in love with it. Also, since I never get to post my Shabbos outfits, y'all never see my fancy this one! Since I was feeling a bit funky, I wanted to wear my pretty patterned fishnets and finished off the look with a long strand of pearls and my suede Mary Jane heels.

Shabbos will be starting this week in a few hours. I am hoping that I will have time beforehand to take pics... I like sharing my Shabbos finest with y'all:)

To my fellow Jews, A Gut Shabbos (Good Shabbos, in Yiddish) and to everyone else, have a fabulous restful, relaxing weekend!

What do you wear when you dress up for a holiday or a special occasion?


Rochel @ barefootandcooking said...

Good Shabbos!This year has been amazing for sales. I just scored from dishes at macys for next to nothing.

Mrs. Marcus said...

Cute outfit. I love that skirt. What a deal!

Meow & Mwah

Shey said...

Wooowie, you look amazing Ally!

widethinker said...

LOVE the combo of the sweater with the high neckline ruffled blouse and visible cuffs. Looks great on you.

Lullie said...

Cute! I love the pearls.


Linda said...

You look super cute and sassy and I love all your moral standards and how bold you are to talk about them! Keep it up!

Running Diva Mom said...

just found your blog -- keep up the great work! :) love the tights and the hat!

Umm Amirah said...

It remindes of me of how Muslims are to look nice on Jummah days (fridays)..when we go for prayers. I think you look lovely.

Modestly Fashioned said...

@rochel - score on the dishes! i just got a fabulous dress for a wedding at macy's! their sales can be amazing:)

@mrs.marcus - thanks:) yeah it was a steal!

@shey - thanks:)

@widethinker - i really like the juxtoposition of the black and white:)

@lullie - thanks:) i just got them and they go with a ton of stuff:)

@linda - thanks! i think that it's very important to use personal style as a way to express yourself and my goal is to use fashion within the framework of my religious and moral standards

@runningdivamom - thanks:)

@ummamirah - just goes to show how many connections there are between muslims and jews:) thanks for sharing!

Yet said...

That is such a nice outfit. I adore it!