Monday, February 28, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit 19


Today I completed my first spinning class! It was soooo intense; I felt like quitting multiple times. However, I had D chuggin' along right beside me and with his encouragement I was able to finish. My legs felt like jell-o, my shirt was soaked through and I felt like I was going to pass out, but at the same time I felt amazing and I was/am so proud of myself. Spinning was something that I thought I was bad and therefore I thought I hated it...but I am getting used to it and with the right music it can be really fun (I was totally rocking out to some of the songs...D and I were goofing off and singing along!)

This outfit was one that I had sketched out even before I began the 30 for 30 and I finally got around to wearing it. I layered this polka dot sleeveless blouse over a simple white 3/4 sleeve undershirt and paired it with my black pencil skirt. I have definitely gotten over my fear of black and brown together and went with brown accessories. I am in LOVE with this braided leather belt and have found it super versatile...a definite must when I invest in accessories. I matched my beret to the belt and added this brown wooden necklace. To keep the bottom monochromatic, I wore these fun patterned fishnets and my fringy black moccasins.


White Undershirt: Pink Orchid

Blouse: GAP

Skirt: GAP

Belt: J.CREW

Necklace: Thrifted

Hat: Nordstrom

Tights: Target

Shoes: Zappos (Minnetonka)

What are you proud of yourself for lately? What have you accomplished that you thought you couldn't?


Shey said...

I love this outfit! The pop of color is great, great job on the spnning class, it's one of my favorite things to do at the gym, however our instructor always plays 80's rock music which I dislike so it's kind of hard to get into it when Carlos Santana is playing, still I love the great workout. =D

rivster said...

I love how your eyes pop with the brown beret! Great outfit.

The thing that I have accomplished is making a terribly difficult decision about working. Rather, not working. At the end of June, I will leave my amazing congregation in order to devote myself to rearing our kids -- most especially our son who is on the autistic spectrum. It was a hard decision, but I made it knowing that it is the right one for our family.