Friday, February 4, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit 3


I was planning on wearing this outfit to school on Tuesday, but with this crazy weather throwing my bus route into the city all out of whack, It hung on my outfit hook, lonely, with no one to wear it for 2 days. "What's an outfit hook?", you ask...well it's one of those 3M white hooks with the sticky tape to stick it to the wall (which, despite being pretty straight forward, D managed to hang up wrong!) I put it up next to our wardrobe until in our bedroom, and every night before I go to sleep, I pick out all of the components of my next day's outfit and I hang them up so that they are waiting for me every morning. It makes getting dressed in the morning so easy and gives me more time to sleep in. I used to wake up every morning and stand in front of my closet (in the dark, since D wakes up later than me) trying to figure out what to wear, all the while trying to distinguish colors in the dark. If you don't have an outfit hook (or outfit chair, outfit desk; really anything will work), you need to get one! You'll thank me once you see how wonderful they are and how they can change your life (well, your morning routine...'life' might be a tad dramatic:)

I really love this navy sweater with chiffon flower petals around the neckline, but it has hung in my closet all winter without being worn once. I decided to show it a little love and add it into my 30 for 30...we'll see how it stacks up! I got this polka dot sleeveless blouse at the GAP on final sale for $4.97 and so far it has been worth every penny. Since it is sleeveless, I knew that I wanted to layer it under a sweater until it gets warm enough out to just wear an undershirt underneath it. It has a cute neckline ruffle and bow and I thought it would go great with the chiffon flowers of the sweater. Because the necklines are so busy, I decided not to wear a necklace. Navy and camel happen to be one of my favorite color combos, so I naturally reached for my camel colored corduroy skirt and camel equestrain boots. For some extra interest I added this chunky leather braided belt. My navy knitted beret finished off the ensemble. Voila!


White Undershirt: Elzee

Shirt: GAP

Sweater: J.CREW

Skirt: J.CREW

Tights: Century 21 (DKNY)

Boots: Banana Republic

Belt: J.CREW

Hat: H&M

Do you have any fun, useful techniques to help you get dressed? If so, I'd love to hear them!


Mrs. Marcus said...

What a deal on that shirt! I love the detail on the neckline.

Meow & Mwah

Ilona said...

The blue, red and camel you've mixed look great together! The belt brings some of the camel colour of the skirt and boots into the upper part of the outfit.

I've used an 'outfit chair' some time ago, but during the last years the weather has become so unpredictable where I live that I gave it up to choose my clothes in advance. Now I have to look at the thermometer and out of the window in the morning before I take anything out of my wardrobe. So nothing creative, I'm sorry.