Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 for 30: Outfit 7


Of all of the trends that have been popping up this late winter/early spring, I think that Breton stripes has definite staying power. There is something so classic about primary color striped shirts that I think they will be here for a while. Some people may not think that horizontal stripes are very flattering, but I think that you just need to know how to wear them. If you have a short torso, are well endowed, curvy or petite all over; try to stick to smaller stripes - they won't overwhelm your body as much or draw as much attention to areas that you might want to camaflouge. If you are tall, have a long torso, are generally lean all over, or less curvy; opting for a wider stripe can give the allusion of more curves. The Breton stripe is definitely a trend that everyone can wear, you just have to wear it right:)

I love this interpretation of the classic Breton striped shirt. It's pocket details along with the cuffs give it a lot of personality, and the V-neck actually has a cute hook-and-eye closure, which I opted to leave open. To add some extra warmth to a rather spring-y shirt and because I always like a good layering, I wore mine over my classic chambray button down (also a trend that every woman should have in her fashion arsenal - super easy to style, comfortable and also a trend that is here to stay for a while). Since I am now a serious fashion rule breaker, I paired it with my denim skirt and I really like how all of the blues worked together. To keep the outfit super casual, I wore my UGG boots and decided not to wear any accessories.


White Undershirt: Elzee

Button-down: J.CREW

Shirt: J.CREW

Skirt: J.CREW

Leggings: Target

Shoes: UGG

What spring trends are you excited about? What can you live without? What do you think is here to stay for a while?

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