Thursday, June 2, 2011

Laid Back

Cuuuute puppy feet:)


I wore this outfit yesterday while I was running some errands and making a nice dinner for D and my sweet friend, E, who is staying with is for a month. I am soooo happy to have you, E!!! Yay, roomie:) I am really lucky that I have a husband who likes to cook and even though I do the majority of the cooking, it's nice that D knows how/likes to cook. There are even some things that I just don't make because D makes them so well that I don't think that I could top it...he's a master at making schnitzel and yummy vegetable soup!

I think I might start including some of my recipes on here...what do you, as my loyal readers, think? Would you want to see some weekly recipes? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I like the laid-back feel of this outfit; the fact that it is made up of simple pieces and embellished with accessories. Hats have definitely been my go-to accessory this spring and I am sure it will continue into the summer. In addition to "topping off" a great ensemble, they provide shade from the sun and help protect delicate face skin from the sun's harmful rays. Staying safe and looking cute: counting me in!


Undershirt: Elzee

Shirt: GAP

Skirt: Banana Republic

Belt: J.CREW

Hat: Banana Republic

Shoes: DSW (Steve Madden)

Necklace: Thrifted

What is your ideal 'laid-back' outfit? Have you jumped on the 'hat bandwagon'?

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