Sunday, April 22, 2012

Repeating the Cycle

{Hat: J.CREW, Sunnies: Target, Sweater/Blouse: LOFT, Skirt:c/o Kosher Casual}

{Thanks for the gorgeous blanket D&Y and K&S!}

Surprise, Surprise...having a baby is an adjustment!

Some things I expected: much less sleep, messier apartment, and fewer showers (don't judge...i compensate with a special cocktail of deodorant, dry shampoo and perfume!)

What caught me off guard was how long it would take me and Baby Y to get up, ready and out of the house!
Just leaving the apartment to do errands is invigorating and brightens my mood! (small victories, folks.) 

"Why yes, ms. bank teller, I am very happy to see you today; you, the sun, anything other than carpet and hard wood..."

My mom stayed with us for the first 2 weeks (Love you, Mom! Just tack this on to the list of things for which I owe you my undying gratitude...and my tab...which at this rate I will never be able to pay off...) and it was much easier to get out the door with two sets of hands.

It is still taking time to get used to the process of getting up and out the door.

Some days the 'out the door' part just didn't happen. Those days looked a little like this:

baby Y wakes up. cries. i wake up. run to the bathroom. nurse him. change him. get him dressed. strap him into carseat. get myself dressed. eat. check diaper bag. realize i need 12 more things. hunt those things down. run to the bathroom. get shoes on. check the time. realize it's now been 3 hours since baby Y has eaten and he will need to eat again within the hour
...aaaannnd I almost got out the door.


With time I know it will get easier...and looking at my sweet, healthy, happy (Thank G-d!) baby's face lifts my mood when I am bummed that I didn't make it out of the house that day.

Just look at that shayna punim (Yiddish: beautiful face)!!

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