Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finally the Sun

{Top: Thrifted (Old Navy) / Sweatshirt: J.Crew (similar - on sale!) / Skirt: J.Crew / Boots: Banana Republic / Hat: Vintage / Glasses: Warby Parker / Bracelet and Necklace: LOFT / Lips: Nars Damage}

Seeing the sun today was such a welcome relief from the weather nightmare of the past few weeks. While it is still chilly, the snow is quickly disappearing and I, for one, am happy to wait a while before seeing it again!

Today was Yishai's 8-month shots:( He got two - one in each perfectly plump thigh - and aside from some crocodile tears immediately after that big, bad needle came out, he was my brave little dude. He even flashed the nurse his million-watt smile afterwards; I guess he forgave her:)

His shots are definitely harder on this mama. There is nothing in this world more heartbreaking than watching someone hurt your child, even when you know that it is for their own benefit. But being the one that can comfort him just by holding him close and kissing him makes my heart sing and swell with such indescribable emotion.

I think I say this, like, a million times a day...but man, I love bein' that little guy's mommy! Doesn't hurt that he's a carbon copy of me at that age:)

Super excited for Friday and the weekend - our first normal one in 3 weeks since all of this crazy weather! 

Anyone have any fun plans? Have a great one!