Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Windows at Bergdorfs

So smiley all day despite almost no nap!

Love candy canes...and those little eyes peeking over the side!

Gorgeous even during the day


Such phenomenal details like the braided feathers on the right!

Love the reflection of the buildings

Only pic of the Men's Store windows...we were all getting hungry:)

Night / Day

COOLEST Heels EVER! Now only if I could walk in them... (yeah, right! that's what's preventing me from owning them!)

Some snaps from inside

So incredible!

Last Sunday, David, Yishai and I went into the city to go see the amazing window displays at Bergdorf Goodmans. Breathtakingly beautiful and with such exquisite details that can only come from an inordinate amount of time, they did not disappoint! It was so fun to see the windows during the daytime and again once it was dark as we were leaving the store.

Yishai was definitely overwhelmed by all of the people, sights and sounds, but he was definitely a trooper and we even got to have a romantic make-up birthday dinner (D's birthday dinner was originally planned for the Sunday of Hurricane Sandy). 

To accomodate our stroller and a highchair for the little guy, we were seated by the kitchen entrance and watching Yishai greet every person who entered or exited the kitchen was hysterical! He would even lean in his highchair and try to peer into the kitchen before the doors closed.

It was such perfect Sunday family time and a definite NY bucket list activity! Thanks, D, I love you!

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