Sunday, December 30, 2012

Israel and Rome!

 *Photo-heavy Post*

 Israel :)

Chanukkah in the Old City of Jerusalem

Huuuge torch menorah right by the Kotel (Western Wall)

Love all the different menorahs at the Kotel

in love with this face :)

Micah (my brother), my dad and the Mesader Kedushin (wedding officiant) .
Special Father-Son moment :)
The Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract), rings and my brother's tallis (prayer shawl).

Sapir, my gorgeous new sister-in-law, putting on her veil made by my mom.
Micah being led to veil Sapir with her father (left) and ours.
Sharing a special moment at the badeken (veiling ceremony).
Reciting a special 'bride's prayer' after being veiled.
Sapir being led down the aisle by her mom (left) and ours (right).

Truly stunning!

Officially MARRIED!!!! Love you guys :)
Dancing the night away!
My dad praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) for the very first time.

Rome :) 

St. Peter's Basilica 
The dome of St. Peter's Basilica

Sistine Chapel


From the inside

Yishai slept through most of the tour :)

Trevi Fountain at night.
Street performers in Piazza Navona at night :)
Yishai playing in the hotel room.

We are finally over our nasty case of jetlag and exhaustion, but we really weren't complaining since we just came back from an amazing vacation in ISRAEL and ROME!! To say that it was phenomenal doesn't even begin to do it justice! This is definitely a long overdue post.

We went to Israel for my little brother's wedding and it was just amazing. To see the look on his face during the ceremony made my night; when he put that ring on Sapir's finger he looked happier than I have ever seen him look. Mazel tov Micah and Sapir!! We wish you all the happiness in the world :) Also, sorry Sapir, while you did look gorgeous Yishai definitely stole the show a bit!

Being in Jerusalem over Chanukkah is an amazing experience. Everyone in the Old City lights their menorah outside in order to fulfill the commandment of publicizing the miracle of Chanukkah, and walking the narrow streets lit by an increasing number of candles each night was nothing short of magical. David's cousins so graciously hosted us for the week which was awesome considering they live steps from the Kotel! On Shabbos Yishai was having trouble sleeping so around 2 AM we took a family walk to the Kotel; it was an experience we will probably never have again. Aside from us there were probably 5 other people outside; it was pretty awe inspiring to be one of the only people standing at such a holy spot.

After the wedding and some quality family time complete with touring, David and I parted with my family and flew to Rome. We spent four days sightseeing and eating our way through the!!

Travelling with a 9 month old definitely had its challenges! Yishai did not sleep on either of the flights to Israel but despite the lack of sleep was a really good sport. We called the airline ahead of time and got a bassinet seat: major life saver! He sat in it almost the whole flight and flirted with the flight attendants as they walked by...soo cute :) I stupidly checked all of the toys in the stroller and we quickly learned that it is amazing what can be considered a 'toy' in a pinch. Plastic water bottle, cups, trays from the long as it held his attention it was fair game! Also, let me just say, if I could hug the inventor of the Baby Bjorn, believe me, he or she would get a big 'ol bear hug. Seriously that thing is amazing...worth.every.penny! I wore him everywhere and definitely got my workout carry 18+ lbs for hours at a time...helped me justify my (over)indulgences in Rome. (You mean to tell me you're not supposed to eat gelati every day? ;) )

It's hard to believe our whirlwind trip is over (and in a way I have to pinch myself that it even happened since we are left with only amazing memories and photos that we will treasure always!) We definitely had the time of our lives and the travel bug bit us even harder now...can't wait for our next adventure!


Chaviva said...

Bummed I missed you guys ... glad you had a great time. Mazal tov!

Anonymous said...

OK, so here's something i'm wondering about. In the summer, you're always careful to wear layers of see-through or revealing clothing for modesty purposes. But it looks like there's only skin under the lace sleeves of the dress you wore at the wedding. Is that a skin-color layering shirt (and, if so, where can I buy one)?

Ally said...

yeah! the only place I know to buy skin colored shells or just the sleeves are jewish modest clothing stores. If you live in the NY/NJ area and need a recommendation, let me know :)