Monday, January 7, 2013


{Sweater: Anthropologie (old) / Skirt: Kosher Casual / Necklace and Boots: Banana Republic / Bracelets: J.Crew}

This sweater, with its blush color and fun lace panel, always makes me feel so girly! I love experimenting with looks out of my comfort zone, but I will always be a girly girl at heart. 

D, you should count your lucky stars that we had a boy first, you hear me? Cause when the day comes that we are blessed with a baby girl, G-d willing, our laundry is going to look like a big bottle of pepto bismol was poured over it. 

We didn't find out the gender when I was pregnant. We figured that there are so few truly wonderful surprises in life and we had the amazing opportunity to be surprised by this most amazing miracle, so we took it. I thought at some point I would have a feeling one way or the other, but month after month ticked by without any feeling either way. David was convinced we were having a boy, as were the vast majority of our friends and so towards the end of my pregnancy I just assumed I was having a boy. 

While pregnant, I would wander through Target, babyGAP, CrewCuts, you name it (if it had a cute baby/kid section I was there lookin') hoping that some onesie, sweater, hairbow, whatever, would jump out at me and 'announce' my baby's gender. Never happened. The only thing I realized in that activity was baby girls' clothing is far cuter than baby boys' clothing no matter how small the outfit. Just tack on a ribbon, bow, or some frilly tulle and it's instantly precious. Baby boys' clothing mostly just looks like it should fit teeny tiny old men (sorry, mom!). 

I definitely have fun dressing my baby boy but I still look forward to the day when a baby's dresser is filled with pink, ruffle-y, lace-y cuteness (and I know my mom does too)!

David should definitely do some mental preparation :)


Myah said...

I love that top on you. Not only is the color perfect, but it has a really flattering shape. Lovely look.

Kendra Thaler said...

That shade of pink looks lovely on you!