Friday, January 25, 2013


{Shirt, Sweater, Skirt: J.Crew (all old) / Necklace: Gift from D / Belt: Marshalls / Bracelet: J.Crew / 
Watch: Gift from D}

TGIF! This week definitely alternated between dragging along and flying by. Monday and Tuesday were gone in a flash. Wednesday was one of the saddest days I've had in my almost 11 months as a mommy. Thank G-d, a very healthy baby (k"h), Yishai is almost never sick. On Wednesday, when my very enthusiastic morning eater refused his bottle after just a couple ounces, I suspected something was up. That was just the beginning as we then proceeded to spend the entire day cuddled up on the couch in between bouts of projectile vomiting :( Never a super cuddly baby, Yishai took his naps on my lap, and while I was trying to soak up every delicious minute, knowing that it was because he felt so crummy broke my heart. Alternating between crying, vomiting, sleeping and cuddling, all while hardly leaving the couch, Wednesday felt like a million years long and so when he went to sleep an hour early I had to get out and go to the gym. It felt goood! Despite my lack of rhythm, Zumba always puts me in a good mood and after a day like that it was just what Dr. Mommy ordered! 

After sleeping 13 hours (high five, little man!), he was pretty much back to his normal self on Thursday and now we are all looking forward to a visit to Nana and Papa's in FL next week. We can't wait to leave this ice box for a couple week in favor of swimming, boating, visiting with friends and relaxing!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay warm!!

Also, HUGE MAZAL TOV to our friends J and L on their engagement!!! D and I could not be happier and we wish you all the happiness in the world! We love you both dearly and can't wait to celebrate with you!!

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