Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY - Nursery Hamper

I wanted a really cute and unique hamper for Yishai's nursery, but I didn't want to pay the hefty price tag for an item that holds dirty clothes. After scouring websites and lusting after this hamper (soo adorable!), I stumbled across this one at HomeGoods and I knew that it would be the perfect candidate for a DIY project.

Before: (ugly) Green hamper from HomeGoods

Scotch Blue painter's tape
Valspar Primer (Interior) - White
Valspar White Satin Finish (Interior/Exterior)
1 yard of White upholstery fabric (purchased at Joanne's)
Scissors/Plastic Tablecloth/Staple Gun/ruler/pencil

I taped off the top of the hamper and primed it with several coats of Valspar Primer in white.

Once the primer was dry (after an hour), I sprayed several coats of the Valspar Satin Finish white paint. I let that dry completely for 3 hours.

Using white upholstery fabric, I recovered the top so that the previous pattern would not show through.

I purchased coordinating fabric from Carousel Designs (this same pattern is in Yishai's crib bumper) and stapled it right over the white fabric.

I trimmed both fabrics so that the top would lay nicely.


I love how it turned out and now I have exactly what I wanted without breaking the bank :)

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Chandra said...

Perfect. Nice idea and easy step-by-step directions, too!

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