Tuesday, January 22, 2013


{Sweater, Skirt: J.Crew (both old) / Shirt, Boots: Banana Republic (both old) / Scarf: Target / 
Bracelet: LOFT}

These were taken last week when we had the endless grey skies and gloomy weather. Thank G-d, the sun has come back out but today was freeze-your-tush-off cold! Holy cannoli, this takes me back to my days living in Chi-town when my mister and I were engaged in 2008. One of the coldest winters in Chicago history, I remember stepping outside and my nostrils and eyelids freezing together. No joke.  That is scary stuff! 

Today wasn't that cold, but that didn't stop my hands from going numb in transit just from the car to inside Target when I stupidly (mommy brain?) forgot my gloves in my other jacket. At least Yishai was warm in his four layer. Try strapping an infant wearing four layers of clothing into a carseat...no, really, try it. It is definitely a skill that takes time to develop. Not to brag or anything, but I'm gettin' pretty good :)

I'll take a cold, sunny day over the gloomy grey ones so keep that sunshine comin'!

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Anonymous said...

You always look amazing.