Friday, August 23, 2013

Modest Spotlight: Stasia Bridal

Perpetually on the hunt for modest clothing, I love learning about new websites designed to make modest dressing easier. Unfortunately, I find that most of the modest clothing website options have a serious 'frump factor'. It is really hard to find cute, stylish clothing that doesn't require layers underneath or over the top to meet personal modesty requirements. 

I don't think I felt this phenomenon more so than when I was wedding dress shopping. As a bride, you are the center of attention and as such, all eyes are on THE dress. D and I got married just over four years ago and to this day I can still say that I never really loved my dress. I scoured the Internet for modest bridal sites but the ones I found had pretty plain-Jane dresses and few customizable options. I ended up purchasing my dress from a regular website and having it altered to 'build up' the neckline and line the sheer sleeves.

Ladies, let me tell y'all, you are in luck now! Let me introduce you to Stasia Bridal: a new, modest bridal website that I seriously wish existed when I was dress shopping.

Here's how they describe themselves:
"Stasia Modest Couture is the first bridal company to give you, the bride, the power to create your perfect bridal gown at an affordable cost. Stasia's unique custom design process allows you to choose from over 1000 different combinations to create your ideal gown. Stasia is also unique as it specializes in custom made modest gowns that cater to women who want to look absolutely stunning on their wedding day with a more modest and regal look. Our beautiful and modest gowns meet the religious needs, requirements, and customs of Jewish, Muslim, and Latter Day brides. Our entire team is committed to meeting your bridal needs. We look forward to working with you to create your dream gown."

 A quick glance around the site definitely proves their description accurate. Jewish and Muslim modesty standards tend to be more strict than most other religions and where other websites fail to provide options within the stricter boundaries, Stasia succeeds! They have so many customizable options and I love how they ditched the 'frump factor' in favor of glamorous options. The ladies at Stasia sent me these images of dresses that have already been customized and ordered and I have to say, the brides to whom these dresses belong are going to be stunning on their wedding day! (If I could go back in time four years...)

 I love the lines of the cut on the above dress - sleek and interesting at the same time!
The little 'peek-a-boo' on the back of this dress is just too cute!

These two dresses couldn't be more different and with the great customizable options that Stasia provides, the possibilities are (almost) endless. The virtual 'dressing room' allows you build the dress of your dreams piece by piece - bodice, sleeves, skirt, bolero, sash, and color - and see it put together on the model. You can even change the background to imagine yourself at your wedding venue - too cute!

Here's my pick:

I love the coverage paired with all of the lace!

Now for the BEST part:

Stasia Bridal is generously offering 10% off your entire purchase to Modestly Fashioned readers! 

Use the code MF10 by December 31, 2013 at Stasia Bridal

If you're not a bride-to-be yourself, share this with your friends, family, future sisters-in-law...anyone you know who might be interested in an affordable, couture modest wedding dress :)

FTC Full Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are my own, however MF will receive a commission from every purchase with this coupon code.

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