Sunday, August 25, 2013

Not-So-Secret Secret

{Top: Anthropologie (sold out) - sim, Skirt: Mimi - simWatch, Sunnies, Shoes: J.Crew (old) - sim, Lips: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil}

Definitely part of the 'lucky' group of women for whom pregnancy comes easy, I can honestly say that I love being pregnant. Sure, like everyone, I have my better days and my worse days (a morning of food poisoning last week was definitely a worse day!), but in general I tend to sail through my pregnancies with a good amount of energy and few negative side symptoms, thank G-d. 

One of the things that I do find annoying about pregnancy (and this should be my worst problem, I know!) is the maternity sartorial choices...or lack thereof. Sure there are gorgeous maternity labels out there but man, they cost a pretty penny. I just don't find it worth it to 'invest' in such items considering their rather short shelf-life. Cheaper maternity options have been great for some basics in my wardrobe up to a certain extent, but they tend to show their wear quickly.

When I was pregnant with Yishai, I would clearance shop at some of my favorite maternity retailers, trying to anticipate size and what would work as my pregnancy progressed and my baby bump grew. While I got some amazing deals and this could definitely be a good option for some, I ended up with a bunch of things, tags still attached, that never fit properly (how was I supposed to know that I would only gain 13 lbs?).
I recently sent all of them (+ some gently used winter maternity items - hello FL!) to a good friend in Israel expecting her first child so they definitely have a good home now :)

Ok, so now that I've ruled out purchasing expensive investment items and cheaper maternity labels (basics notwithstanding), you're probably wondering what I'm left with. 

Here's my not-so-secret secret: buy non-maternity clothing!

So I'm totally gonna leave you hanging with this post...but fear not! I'm going to dedicate a full post to shopping for cute, flattering, (modest), budget-friendly non-maternity maternity duds :) So stay tuned!

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CE said...

I bought very little maternity clothing when I was pregnant and also used non maternity stuff.

The Old Navy regular fold over cotton skirts are very stretchy, and I used those for most of my pregnancy. I also found I guess these tunic/tent kind of tops, (also non maternity) that were very bump friendly.