Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Nursery...a work in progress :)

Generally speaking, it is a custom for Orthodox Jews not to do much (if any) preparation for a new baby in order to avoid the 'evil eye'. It's essentially a Jewish superstition, that like any superstition, some people take very seriously and others don't see the point (and everywhere in between).

D and I, for the most part, did little preparation until the very end of my pregnancy. Neither of us having family in the area, we had to do some things ourselves that a lot of our friends relied heavily on family members to take care of. We mostly focused on the super important stuff - buying and installing a car seat, pre-ordering a crib (to be delivered after the baby was born), making sure we had a few items of clothing/diapers/basic toiletries ready, and since we didn't know the gender, making tentative bris milah plans should we have a boy (spoiler alert: we did ;)).

I was pretty obsessed with Pinterest before pregnancy, but my preggo obsession was a whole new monster :) But it was soooo hard to search for nursery inspiration, know that not only could I not start curating the nursery of my dreams, but that I couldn't even pin the images I loved for future reference (if I only knew about secret boards then, oh man!).

After Yishai was born, it definitely took a bit of time to get into the 'new momma groove' and the nursery planning definitely took a back seat to, ya know, keeping the baby alive! (i kid, no really). Once we got into a rhythm (and then adjusted to new schedule changes) I finally had my opportunity and boy was I ready! I knew that I wanted to add my own personal touches in the form of DIY projects (and really, my 'champagne-taste-beer-budget' predilections meant I had to make some of the items I desired) and I'll post tutorials of everything I made (if I haven't already).

Yishai's (and soon the be the new baby's as well) nursery is very much still a work in progress. I have ideas in my mind (and now on a secret pinterest board!) that still need to come to fruition, but I like to think that that's one of the nice things about having our kids so close in age -- I can add to the nursery, make some new things with the new baby in mind, and having be an ever-evolving project :)

The nursery, D and I both agree, is definitely our favorite room in our home. During the day, it has really beautiful natural light (when the blackout curtains are opened :)) and in the evening the lamp illuminates with such a soft, warm glow making the spacious area a calm, serene oasis. I could sit in that recliner, cuddling my sweet boy for hours and I look forward to bonding time with my future little one, G-d willing.

Stay tuned for follow-up posts with all the details and DIYs :)

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Abby Klein said...

So beautiful, B'shaa tova !

Abby Klein