Monday, September 9, 2013

Nursery DIY - Ombre Chevron Curtains

Oh man, I am actually a little embarrassed that it took me so long to do a post Yishai's nursery curtains! 

Here is a perfect example of my 'champagne-taste-beer-budget' curse: I reeeally wanted beautiful curtains for Yishai's nursery, but my search for the perfect ones kept me coming up empty handed. The ones I loved were waayyy out of my budget and I didn't want to spend the money on curtains I didn't really love.

My mom, who has sewn professionally in several different iterations over the years, at one point was making window treatments. Needless to say, our homes (we moved a lot) always had beautiful custom window treatments. It was not lost on me, even as a young girl, how great curtains pulled a room together, or that the lack thereof made it feel empty or incomplete.

Unfortunately, I didn't inherit the sewing gene (my lucky-duck sister did!) so I had to get creative. After a little time (ok fine, hours) on Pinterest, I found an amazing tutorial for ombre chevron curtains - and the best part - no sewing required! These babies were painted - and painting I can do :)

I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel - Nancy of Owen's Olivia has a stellar tutorial (I, for sure, could not have explained it better) and I followed the steps exactly: full tutorial here. Don't be scared by the amount of steps - it's really a pretty easy DIY that just takes some time and a bit of arm muscle :)


Set of 2 plain white curtains (sim)
Valspar Paint Samples (I chose a paint chip and used all three colors - conveniently coordinated!)
Sea Breath, Crystal Aqua, & Bay Mist (paint chip 5006-7)
Painter's Tape (Lowe's)
Paint Roller and extra sponges (Lowe's)
Speed Square (Lowe's)
Sharpie pen

The finished product!
I am so happy with how these came out! It's a bit hard in the picture to see the difference between the middle color and the darkest bottom color - so just trust me on it :) I made these when we were living in NJ and they transitioned perfectly to our new FL home. Every time I walk into the nursery they make me smile and the pride in knowing I made them makes them extra special.