Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nursery DIY - Sunburst Mirror Trio

I love a good sunburst mirror...I mean, c'mon, who doesn't? But man, those things can be expensive! When I first started planning the decor of the nursery, I had some idea of what types of things I wanted and their placement and I figured that the creative process would evolve organically. One thing that didn't occur to me though, was that there would be a huge area of negative space on the wall behind the dresser/changing table. Once we had all of the major furniture arranged, it became obvious that something big needed to hang on that wall. At first I thought I might do an art print series on canvas, but I couldn't commit to one idea for more than a few days and figured that might continue once I actually had them up there. Deciding it was best to abandon that idea, I was now back to the drawing board.

Walking through Target one day, I spotted these beauties hanging in their home decor area. Instantly I knew that they were the perfect item and that a trio of mirrors would pack the big punch I was looking for - but seriously, at $50 a pop I just couldn't bring myself to buy them. But stalking them, lusting after them from afar - that I could do!

This past June we lived with my parents in FL while we were between leases. The stars must've been aligned that day I went to Target for diapers (and several other items that jumped in my cart, cause ya' know, it's Target), because two of these beauties were on clearance for $15. Now that, that I can do :) But, it was only two and I really had envisioned three. But I bought them and figured that maybe, juuust maybe, the stars might align again for me and I'd stumble upon a third. Fast forward to our first couple of weeks in our new home and maaany trips to Target later...I found one!!! Some kind soul must've known how desperate I was and returned theirs. I had my third and I was ready to DIY my little heart out:

Sunburst Mirrors (Target)
Valspar White Satin Finish spray paint (Lowe's)
Paper plates
Drop Cloth (Lowe's)

1. Place boxes with flaps open upside-down on drop cloth and set mirrors on top. This will be to stabilize them and so you can rotate by the flaps to ensure good paint coverage in all the little nooks. Cut paper plates to fit super snugly over the mirror so that you don't have to mess with painter's tape at all.

2. Follow the instructions on the spray paint and begin painting. Try to get the coverage as even as possible, but you can always go back with a lighter second coat and/or touch up any uneven spots later.

3. Don't forget about the edges!

4. Let them dry. I always double or triple the recommended drying time just to be safe.

5. Measure and hang (D did this part - and hung them on large nails).

Finished product :)

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Aaryn Rubin said...

I was just at Target today, and unfortunately I too, had many items jump in my cart. I also saw a couple different starburst mirrors...and it dawned on me that the one I had bought from Target last year, that has been residing in our dining room, will be perfect for the nursery, and now I have a good excuse to stalk homegoods for a new one :)