Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Copycat - "Hello" Art

I absolutely love when personal style bloggers I follow give inside looks of their homes, but it can often leave me with a feeling of 'the blahs' about my own home decor. It's never really made sense for us to invest in 'nice' furniture and decor in the apartments we've lived in - I'd rather save the energy (read: money) and wait until we own a home and things feel more permanent. That being said, going into our 5th year of renting, I was getting tired of holding out on nice things and decided that while it's still impractical to invest for the most part, art and 'home decor' are things that I can have some fun with DIY-style for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.

One of my favorite style bloggers Gal Meets Glam recently previewed her San Francisco home, and as soon as I began reading this post I found myself pinning her images like crazy! Gallery walls are extremely popular right now, and I love the fun prints Julia decorated her office space with. One in particular had me at, well, 'hello'! I couldn't get that cute black-and-white heart-shaped print out of my mind... 


Sure, ordering it for $15 wasn't going to break the bank, but in keeping with my philosophy I asked myself "why buy when I can DIY?"

12x12 Picture Frame: Michaels (40% coupons, people!)
12x12 White Scrapbooking Paper (it's difficult to see, but it's textured with little raised dots): Michaels
8.5x11 Scrapbook Paper (also textured with the same raised dots): Michaels
Adhesive pearl embellishments: Michaels
E6000 Spray Adhesive: Michaels

I was such a bad 'DIY blogger' with this project and I forgot to photograph my steps...woops! But it's really easy - I promise!

Step 1: Print out a heart-shaped template on your printer. Trace onto back of black paper and cut out the black heart.

Step 2: Measure how tall you want your letters and write them (lightly!) in pencil.

Step 3: Apply your adhesive pearl embellishments over the pencil-drawn 'hello'. (I used tweezers to help remove them from their backing and place them correctly). Don't press down super hard as you go in case you have to make adjustments. Once you finish each letter, go back and press down to reinforce them.

Step 4: Measure where the black heart will be affixed to the white paper, spray the back of the heart with E6000 spray adhesive and press firmly to apply the heart to the white paper. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 5: Frame and hang! Admire your handiwork :)

I haven't figured out where I want to hang mine yet :) I'll post an update once this has a place on the wall.

If you make this, make sure to link up in the comments!