Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY - Designer 'Look for Less'

Now that we I have an entire house to decorate, I sometimes find myself getting sucked down the late-night rabbit hole looking at beautifully decorated homes on Pinterest. And then I imagine what would happen if Yishai was let loose in one of those gorgeously staged homes for 10 minutes - toddler 'bull in a china shop'!. Sure, I'd love to have one of those all white homes staged to decor perfection, but let's be real here - expensive, breakable things + super active toddler (and baby) = yeah.right.

Anyways, since I always joke that my motto is #champagnetastebeerbudget I put my (lack of) 'money where my mouth is' and here are my takes on two DIY Designer 'Look for Less' vases:

My designer inspiration:

I love the playful yet elegant design of Kate Spade's Cloverdale Rose Bowl, but sadly it's been discontinued (please bring it back, Kate Spade!). I really mean it when I say this project is so.easy. All it takes is some gold craft paint and a bit of time (I let my dots dry overnight in between coats and used 5 or 6 coats). All of the supplies were from Michaels. I LOVE how it came out!

And my second designer inspiration:

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler is queen of 'cool girl chic decor' but my #beerbudget doesn't allow for the 14k gold accents on her Handcrafted Ceramic Confetti Bowl (and it's also been discontinued!). What's a girl to do? Gonna make my own!

The vase was a Homegoods clearance find for $2.99 and I had a partial package of gold New Year's Eve decorations laying around so rather than buy confetti I cut them into pieces. I primed the vase with a coat of Valspar Primer and then two coats of Valspar white in gloss finish and let it dry overnight. Using E6000 Craft Adhesive, I tacked the pieces to the vase and sprayed the completed vase with a Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Glaze.

This one now lives on my DIY entry table (post to come, stay tuned!) and makes me smile everytime I walk in the door. 
If you make your own version I'd love to see! Leave a pic in the comments. And if you have other Designer 'Looks for Less' share them also...I'm always looking for new projects :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fav Beauty Buys No. 3

Fav Beauty Buys No. 3


Maybe it was my recent birthday lighting a fire under my tush, but recently something clicked that I need to get serious about an anti-aging skin care regimen, now! I've always had good skin (thanks mom and dad) and therefore never really bothered much with an extensive regimen, however I'm now realizing that's led me to take advantage of my clear skin. There seem to be a million anti-aging products out there and the choices were really overwhelming to me, so I sought advice from my local Sephora. After listing my critera (natural products and as few steps as possible) I was directed to Origins Plantscription™ line. I've been using them for a few weeks now and I am hooked! This moisturizer cream is lightweight, non-greasy and even after it's absorbed it leaves my skin looking dewy and glowing. It has SPF 25 which is fine for me for everyday, but if I'm planning to be outside for a long period of time I always apply a much higher SPF to my face as well.


I've been a fan of Makeup Forever's aqua eyes eyeliner for years, but had never tried any other product from the brand. This lipstick was part of Sephora's birthday gift and it now has a permanent home in my everyday bag. A color neutral enough for everyday, with just enough pigment to elicit the coveted "what lipstick are you wearing?!", it's like your natural lips enhanced in the very best, subtle way. Plus its' super moisturizing formula won't dry out your lips :)


A bit thicker than the faec cream, I can almost feel my thirsty eye area drinking in the intense moisture of the Plantscriptions™ Eye Cream! I use my ring finger and pat it on lightly from the outer edge of my brow to the edge of my nose.


Ok, so I'm not gonna lie - this stuff is gross...but holy cow is it effective! It comes with 2 booties filled with fruit acids, that - after you soak your feet for a few minutes - you tape around your ankles (I then cover them with socks in case I need to walk) and then chill on the couch for an hour. Remove, rinse and wait. and wait... . By the end of the third day I was gonna chalk it up to my feet being duds but then I saw the beginning of the peeling on my toes. For the next week my feet looked like they were molting...seriously disgusting! I wore socks to bed and vacuumed with greater frequency and after about 5 days my feet were softer than I'd seen them in years...so yeah, gross but AMAZING! Helloooooo sandals :)


The Plantscriptions™facial cleanser leaves your face feeling amazingly clean. I've been using it along with my Clarisonic for a deep pore cleanse.


Initially I was skeptical of the night cream component of this anti-aging routine worrying that it would be so thick and greasy that I would break out. It is thick, but in a super moisturizing, velvety non-greasy way. I love how smooth my face feels after I apply and how soft my skin is when I wake up.


I've professed my love of this mascara many times over but until they come out with a waterproof formula in Florida it is not a summer mascara. Looking for a mascara that would lengthen and thicken similarly but stay put in insane humidity (and sweat, eww), I discovered this gem. It takes a bit of patience to apply - slowly in several thin coats - but the end result is amazing!

I've had my Clarisonic for about a year now and can say that it has definitely been worth the investment. My skin stayed pretty clear throughout my first pregnancy (pre-Clarisonic) but I swear that this thing is a pregnant gal's best friend as I had maybe four or five blemishes with during my second pregnancy. But pregnant or not - this thing is amazing! I recently switched from the sensitive head to the deep pore cleansing head and I'm even happier than before.

See my other Fav Beauty Buys here and here.

Any products you're loving that I should know about? Share the wealth and leave your recs in the comments :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lion Country Safari

This past Memorial Day, after multiple recommendations, we decided to check out Lion Country Safari and it was definitely one of the coolest things we have done as a family to date. In the comfort of your own car, you drive through a huge safari and watch the animals literally walk right in front of you! So. freakin'. cool.

You get a CD to play as your guide, but we decided to forgo listening and just talk about the animals with Yishai. Not like we would've been able to hear it above the shrieks of laughter anyways :)

Since Yishai is still rear-facing, I moved back to sit with him to make sure he could see the animals well and help point them out to him. His reactions were priceless and it made me excited to see him so excited :)

^^C'mon, how cute is that rhino tushie?! ^^
After we finished the safari we entered the park on a mission - to feed a giraffe "salad" (romaine lettuce). Yishai has always loved giraffes. You might remember 'Geoffrey' from Yishai's nursery tour. That giraffe gets a good night hug and kiss every night - and the cutest greeting in the morning:
"Hi Geoffrey! Good Morning! Mommy, he happy!"
You are too much sometimes, kiddo :)

Anyways...feeding giraffes.
wow, was that an experience...so fun!

I was in awe that we were able to be so close to these huuuuge animals. Holding our lettuce leaves over the side of the rail, we watched as these majestic giraffes lowered their heads to extract the leaves oh-so-gently with their tongues. We all got our fair share of giraffe 'kisses' from their black-purple-ish tongues.

Deciding that their bellies were sufficiently full of salad, we moved on to make some new friends. Yishai enjoyed hugging the goats - which basically meant he lays his head down on their backs...or tail :) It's pretty funny to watch and definitely entertained some of the other families more than just the goats themselves.

We ended our day by feeding the birds their dinner: birdseed on a stick.
Y'all know everything tastes better on a stick :)

We had an amazing day and Yishai fell asleep before we even left the parking lot! #parentingwin

If you're in SoFla (or here on vacay!) - this is a must-do:)
We didn't even get to do everything...there's an awesome looking splash-water-playground-thing which looked amazing and we are definitely bringing our swimsuits for that next time!

There are going to be many more trips to Lion Country Safari for us this summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spotlight On: Modest Sea

If there's one thing I love more than finding out about modest clothing companies, it's sharing them with y'all, my awesome readers :)

With summer juuuuust around the corner, the timing couldn't be more perfect for me to introduce the (new-to-me) modest swimwear company, Modest Sea!

After the crazy-cold winter most of you have had, I hope some warm, sunny summer vacay plans are in the works. Beach getaways are definitely a great way to relax, but for those of us who aren't comfortable wearing a bikini or even a normal coverage one-piece, trying to figure out what to wear can be a bit stressful.

I've worn a few things over the years that have ranged from 'what the heck was I thinking' (D's basketball short - so.freakin.heavy when drenched with water, not to mention damp for hours - eww) to 'ehh, it'll do' (men's board shorts - so not attractive on my 5'2" frame) and I was beyond fed up with the lack of options for modest women's swimsuits.

Enter, Modest Sea!

"Modest Sea Alternative Swimwear is an exclusive modest swimwear collection designed to conceal and reveal according to your desire.
Developed by an international team of swimwear designers from their studio in Bologna, Modest Sea offers an original coverage solution for women. At the beach or pool, a swimwear piece by Modest Sea combines the finest design principles with innovative Italian fabrics to deliver what no other line of swimwear can – moderate to full cover, sun protection and impeccable style."

I love that they offer a range of coverage options! Here are a few of my fav picks:

Full Cover Swimwear:

Admittedly, the full coverage options are more coverage than I'm personally interested in, but I do think it's pretty cool that these come with a built-in head/hair covering!

Moderate Cover Swimwear:

My personal fav :)
 Modest Sea also has a really cool Mix and Match option which allows you to choose the coverage of your under-layer and any of the dress layers over it:

You can also get any of those pieces as separates - great for having extra options to mix and match!

Wondering what these suits are made out of?
"Our solid color designer pieces are constructed of AcquaZero by Sitip, an innovative Italian-made fabric featuring advanced water repellant technology. AcquaZero is fast drying, with high breathability and superior moisture management for a lightweight, comfortable feel when wet or dry. Its strong resistance to chlorine makes swimwear by Modest Sea durable and long lasting."

You can also check out Modest Sea on Facebook and Pinterest :)

And now for the best part:

Modest Sea is now having their pre-summer sale which means all swimwear and accessories are 40% off! 

Sale starts today, May 14th and ends May 31st.

Here's to a fun summer full of outdoor activities!

FTC Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all of the opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Modestly Fashioned!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Currently Craving No. 5

Currently Craving No. 5





So...I'm going to file (almost) all of these lovlies under
#yeahright #agirlcandream #champagnetastebeerbudget!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss:

This spring I am really into accessories.

I think as my style has evolved I'm learning the importance of having really great basics on repeat and the power great accessories have to elevate and change those 'basic' looks.

Neutral flats with flair go with everything and can elevate a casual look or ground a dressier ensemble.

Whether structured or slouchy, seasonally hued (seriously crushing on mint) or a perennially classic color, a great bag can be a show-stopper!

A great pair of shades is the perfect spring/summer statement accessory. While I'm definitely favoring large tortoise shell options, those pink aviators are a fun twist on a classic shape.

A great piece of statement jewelry can transform any look and this spring's options do not disappoint! Not the statement-making type? Small details can pack a big sartorial punch. Try classic pieces in pastel hues or a dainty gold bangle with a fun bow detail.

What are you currently craving for spring?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stripes and Solids

{Shirt (also love this one) / Skirt: Kosher Casual - old (sim) / Necklace: Gift from my sister! (same - in blue) / Bag (love this one in Pantone's color of the season!) / Shoes: J.Crew - sold out (save, spend, splurge, cool pump version) / Sunnies}

Sooooo...life has been craaaazy busy lately, but thank g-d so many amazing things have been happening!

It's been over a month now, but in a lot of ways it still doesn't feel quite real yet...D and I BOUGHT A HOUSE!
We are so excited to be able to take this next step in our lives together, one that we have been dreaming about since we got married.
I'm looking forward to expanding my love of DIY to include larger home projects :) Compared to our previous apartments, I feel like I'm now living in my very own castle with my two princes, my princess and my knight in shining armour...thanks, D, for continuing to make my dreams come true - time and time again!

We finally had Y's 2nd birthday party and it was a blast! More to come about that :)

And...as of Thursday, Y and N have a new cousin!!! A huge Mazal Tov to D's oldest brother, L and our SIL, A, on the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Tamar Chenyah Esther (Adeline Grace)! We can't wait to meet her and shower her with love and kisses :)

I'll leave you with one last (unrelated) thought:
With one week until Pesach (Passover) for all who celebrate, I just wanted to share the following thought (credited to Rebbitzen Kigel - my shalom bayis mentor):

"Dust is not chametz (grain products) and your husband is not the korban Pesach (sacrifice).  Spring cleaning is not cleaning for Pesach. If you have questions, consult your husband and/or the Rav. If doing "extra" cleaning is going to cause you to yell at your family, you're doing the wrong thing. And try to remember that while we're removing the chametz from our homes, we need to be simultaneously removing the gaiva (arrogance) from our souls."
I definitely think it's important to keep these concepts in the forefront of our minds as we go into this last week of cleaning/kashering/cooking, etc. It's easy to get caught up in the stressors of this holiday and I this is great perspective of what we should really be focusing on. 

Let's make this next week a great one!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Have a Winner!! Happy Birthday, Yishai! Let's Celebrate with A Giveaway!!! (Giveaway Closed)

We have a winner:
Congrats to Pamela C.!
Pamela, be on the lookout for an email coming your way :)
Thanks to everyone who participated!

It's kinda hard for me to believe that today, at 6:37 AM, my Yishai turned two. He came into this world very quickly and he hasn't slowed down since! These past two years, while definitely the hardest, have been the most amazing, rewarding, adventurous, love-filled years of my life and I owe so much of it to the little guy who gave me the title, "mommy".
Yishai, while I have had said every stage you've reached has been my favorite to date, you're pretty darn near perfect at two!

You are such a happy kid and while you're a bit of a dare devil at times it's pretty impressive because your coordination at two has far surpassed mine. Right now. I wish I was kidding. 
Your smile alone lights up a room and don't get me started on your contagious belly laugh - it's just about the funniest thing ever!
These days, not only do I constantly have to be careful what I say, I have to watch how I say it - somehow at two you have such mature inflection and comedic timing and are 'parroting' everything. We are full-fledged into spelling words around you. You can count to ten and spell your name, call Keppie - "Boppie", Nafi is still just "baby", 'basketball' has 8-10 syllables (buda-buda-buda-buda-ball!), ABCs is your favorite song, you always sleep with Ari (stuffed lion), Shoali (fox), Leo (leopard), Snuggles (security blanket) and a handful of pacis (that now get shared with your animals - too cute!). 

Your sense of empathy with Keppie is incredible and you are very protective of your brother in a way that just makes my heart melt. Post-bris, your very first nickname was 'Yishai-Pie' and you have definitely made these past two years the sweetest years of our lives.

Yishai, may you always have a sense of adventure for life and enjoy learning as much as you do now. And always know that Mommy and Tati love you, always and forever, no matter what!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Yishai!

Anyways enough sappy, mushy stuff for one post!

In honor of Yishai's birthday let's do a giveaway!

Have y'all heard of Freshly Picked moccasins? They are seriously the.cutest.mocs.ever, plus the story behind them is super inspirational:
"Susan Petersen started making baby moccasins in 2009 after becoming frustrated by the lack of well-designed baby shoes. Using her second child, Gus, as a mocc-tester, and a bag of scrap leather she picked up at a yard sale, she began experimenting with designs. Working at her kitchen table, on a shoestring budget, Susan persisted through some disastrous attempts until she had created a pair of moccasins that not only looked adorable on Gus’ chubby little feet, but stayed on his feet as well." 
(Taken from their website)
As a mom of two boys, I love that these moccasins come in amazing, bright, vibrant colors for boys as well as girls. So many colors! And they are constantly adding new colors and designs all the time.

Photo credit: Freshly Picked

I had seen these adorable mocs on several blogs that I follow and was seriously in love, but honestly, I worried about how well they would hold up to my very.active.toddler.

After speaking with the lovely people at Freshly Picked, they generously sent me two pairs of moccasins - one for Yishai and one for Nafi - Thank You, Freshly Picked!

They arrived a few days later and even the packaging was so sweet - I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of it, but it's evident that this company takes pride in even the smallest details.

^^mid-fall - so graceful! he definitely doesn't get that from me :)^^

Yishai is loving his new "yoos"! He's worn them everywhere, from playing ball to picking strawberries to going for long walks and they have held up so well.

Yes, even without a hard sole, they can be worn outside - pretty cool, right?! After a few wears they molded to his feet so you know which foot they go on (they come uni-foot. Is that even a word? Well, it is now!) They have a great sizing guide and Yishai's fit perfectly.

The only thing (and it was more funny to me than anything else - but I could see someone not finding it so) was that after the first couple wears his feet were blue! I put socks on him the next few times until they were more broken in and after that they were fine.

 ^^he's gonna be a heartreaker - toddler ladies, watch out :)^^

^^that look up there - that's pure, unadulterated joy while playing ball! 1/2 a second later it came back down and hit him squarely in the face. gravity, kid - we all gotta learn that lesson sometime :)^^

 ^^yishai is wearing Limited Edition Sapphire Leather^^

^^these moments...I wish time could've stood still for just a little while longer.^^

^^where did the past 3 months go?? my baby's huge!^^

^^nafi is wearing the Limited Edition Cobalt Suede^^

^^thanks for the lion chair, aunt dani! yishai has since claimed this one for himself and nafi now has the giraffe :)^^

Nafi's moccasins were a bit big (I got the smallest size) but I love that he'll be able to wear them for a while. Both boys have gotten tons of compliments on them and I love that they are so different from everything else out there in stores!

Now for the FUN part:

Freshly Picked, being the awesome company that they are, has generously offered to gift a pair of moccasins to one lucky Modestly Fashioned reader! 

If you don't have kids, these would be such a cute gift for a niece, nephew, grandkid, friend's kid's birthday, baby shower gift, etc!

You can enter using the rafflecopter widget below - the winner will be chosen at random on March 14th and will be able to choose the color and size of their preference :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck - and thanks, Freshly Picked!!

Giveaway open only to  US readers - but Freshly Picked does ship internationally.

Full Disclosure: I was gifted these moccasins for free but all opinions are my own. I would never write about a company that I didn't truly feel passionate about. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Modestly Fashioned.