Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I Wish I Was Wearing #3

What I Wish I Was Wearing #3

Date nights around these parts are fewer and farther between than they should be. We definitely need to put more effort into making time for us as couple and keep dating each other. This time last year D surprised me with tickets to a Couture Fashion Week show and we had a blast. I know, right?! My husband, of his own volition, took me on a date to a fashion show! He's pretty incredible, that guy :) 

I've been a bit envious seeing other bloggers getting ready to head to Fashion Week, so if we were going to a show this year, this is what I wish I would be wearing :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life Lately with the Littles

Watching Yishai (and Nafi, eventually) grow up with Keppie as his 'big sis' is such a source of joy for us! I'm pretty sure the only thing she likes more than playing with a ball is playing with a ball with Yishai :) D and I joke that our retriever is 'broken' because while she fetches the ball whenever it's thrown to her, she doesn't want to give it back and we usually have to pry it out of her mouth to throw it again. However as soon as Yishai goes to get it from her mouth she lets go and gives it to him immediately. She has such an instinct of how gentle she needs to be with him - it's pretty incredible!

^^Not sure how many toddlers would stick their hands into a mouth with so many big teeth!^^

^^The only thing cuter than a naked toddler is a naked toddler playing with his puppy :)^^

 ^^Cuddle time with baby brother^^

 ^^Peas in a pod, these two :)^^

 ^^Sibling love!^^

Life with these littles is never boring, that's for sure! They definitely have their moments (sometimes together!) but those smiling faces down there - there is nothing better in this world!

 ^^This kid gets more fun every day! And those curls :)^^

^^Those lips!^^

^^That smile tells me already that this one is going to be mischief in cute packaging!^^

^^Nafi was less than amused by the New Years Eve photo booth props. That's ok, little guy, I was amused enough for the both of us :)^^

Friday, January 10, 2014

Featured In: Hadar Magazine!

You might remember that back in September, new Jewish fashion mag Hadar Magazine featured my Designer DIY. I had such an awesome time sharing my love of DIY that when they graciously asked me to participate again in their winter issue I jumped at the opportunity! A huge thank you to the ladies behind Hadar Magazine for sharing my blog with your readers.

After a bit of brainstorming, I decided to create my own version of the chic embellished sweatshirt:

^^Screen shot of my article - love how it turned out :)^^

^^My Inspiration Board^^

^^Materials: Sweatshirt, everything else: Michaels^^

^^Sketch of desired design. I altered it slightly for the finished product but it was great to start with a very detailed idea and then change as needed.^^

^^Figuring out the placement on the sweatshirt.^^

^^Work in progress :)^^

Ok, let's address a couple things right away:

1. I am obviously no longer pregnant :) But this was a fun stroll down not-too-distant-memory lane...

2. These pictures were taken at the end of October...in South Florida.
Yes, I was 36 weeks pregnant.
Yes, it was 95* that day. 
Yes, I am wearing a shell, a long sleeve tee AND a sweatshirt + suede booties.
and Yes, I was sweating freakin' bullets/about to pass out...
but hey, ya gotta suffer a little bit for fashion, right?! No? Just me...?

Well at the very least, I needed to make it believable for a magazine article coming out in January :) Don't worry, we were only outside for 10 minutes and I drank a couple gallons of water once we went inside...#notanexaggeration!

{Sweatshirt -sim, Shirt -sim, Skirt: Mimi -sim, Bag (old color) -sim, Shoes, Bracelets: J.Crew Factory (old) -sim/splurge, Francescas (old) -sim/splurge, Lips}

Thanks again to the whole Hadar Magazine team; I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity again!

If you're in the NY/NJ area, pick up Hadar Magazine at these locations, or order online here.

FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post - I just really love this magazine and wanted to share. I did receive my copy gratis.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sunday Family Funday

This past sunday was D's last sunday before school started back up for the semester so we were determined to make it count. Despite living in Boca for 6 months and it being 10 minutes away, we had never been to the Children's Science Explorium so we decided it was the perfect day to check it out.
To say Yishai had a blast would be suuuch an understatement :) Gosh, this age with a toddler is so.much.fun. He is so curious about everything and has really taught me to stop and see the world the way he sees it. And also, when did he start having opinions?! Long gone are the days of telling him what we're doing next and having him just go along with it! It's so cute (if not a little frustrating sometimes) when he vocally lets us know that he does/doesn't want to do/eat/wear/stop playing with something and the intonation in his little voice while saying (or screaming) "yeah" and "no!" has us frequently holding back our laughter.

^^scowling because I took him away from the row of chained-up 'big-kid' bikes. Sometimes you have a mean mommy, kid :)^^

 ^^Check out that engine! Papa would be proud :)^^

^^This might be the only picture of Yishai actually looking at the camera!^^

^^I'm a wuss and this spinning thing and those little 'carni' caterpillar rollercoasters are the only rides I can handle. I've come to terms with the fact that I'll be the mom waiting at the end of the rides.^^

^^This captivated his attention for about 20 minutes (which is an eternity in toddler time!). He had to 'prep' the rocket by pushing 5 buttons (fuel, checking gauges...etc) and only after all 5 were lit up did the big 'launch' button light up. He must've launched that rocket 30 times (while yelling "AIRPLANE" at the top of his lungs)!^^

^^You mean I can bang as loud as I want?!^^

^^Right after this picture was taken D drummed so hard that big black piece fell off!^^

^^A piano is sooo overrated! Where do we get one of these things?!^^

^^The speed and motion of these 'molecules' represented the behavior of molecules in solids, liquids and gases. Yishai just wanted them to move as fast (read: make as much noise) as possible :)^^

^^Maybe one of these days we'll get a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling! A mom can dream, right?^^

{On me: Shirt and Tank: J.Crew (old) -sim/sim, Skirt: Mimi -sim, Necklace: Banana Republic (old) -love this one, Bracelet: J.Crew (old) -sim}
{On Yishai: Shirt: Target (old) -sim, Short: CrewCuts (old) -sim, Shoes: Nordstrom (old color) -sim}
{On Nafi: Footed One-piece: babyGAP (old) -sim}
{On D: Shirt: J.Crew Factory (old) -sim, Shorts: J.Crew (old) -sim}