Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life Lately with the Littles

Watching Yishai (and Nafi, eventually) grow up with Keppie as his 'big sis' is such a source of joy for us! I'm pretty sure the only thing she likes more than playing with a ball is playing with a ball with Yishai :) D and I joke that our retriever is 'broken' because while she fetches the ball whenever it's thrown to her, she doesn't want to give it back and we usually have to pry it out of her mouth to throw it again. However as soon as Yishai goes to get it from her mouth she lets go and gives it to him immediately. She has such an instinct of how gentle she needs to be with him - it's pretty incredible!

^^Not sure how many toddlers would stick their hands into a mouth with so many big teeth!^^

^^The only thing cuter than a naked toddler is a naked toddler playing with his puppy :)^^

 ^^Cuddle time with baby brother^^

 ^^Peas in a pod, these two :)^^

 ^^Sibling love!^^

Life with these littles is never boring, that's for sure! They definitely have their moments (sometimes together!) but those smiling faces down there - there is nothing better in this world!

 ^^This kid gets more fun every day! And those curls :)^^

^^Those lips!^^

^^That smile tells me already that this one is going to be mischief in cute packaging!^^

^^Nafi was less than amused by the New Years Eve photo booth props. That's ok, little guy, I was amused enough for the both of us :)^^

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