Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Definitely a 'Car Guy'

For the duration of this post just picture me as Marisa Tomei in 'My Cousin Vinny' :)

For as long as my siblings and I can remember, my dad has been rebuilding antique (American) cars. We basically grew up with car parts littering the garage, room...dining room get the picture. My brother and father used to go to junkyards, buy the stripping rights to cars and come home with as much stuff as they could fit in our minivan. His first project was a 1965 gold Corsa Corvair with which my brother and I would eventually learn to drive a stick shift. 
Unfortunately for me, I offhandedly called my dad's second car purchase - a 1964 black Monza Spyder Corvair - a "piece of junk" when he first brought it home...a poor choice of words that I am still paying for to this day. (I'm not joking. He brought it up two weeks ago. It's been two decades, dad - can we just let it go?) In my defense, it was kinda an eyesore - a rusted, dilapidated hunk of steel on wheels. However, my dad rebuilt that car over a period of years into a prize winning (many, many times over) beauty. Once I got my license, my dad and I spent many Saturdays driving our cars to antique car shows - my car being an extremely rare 1991 Buick Reatta gifted to me once I got some driving experience under my belt. Not your typical father-daughter bonding but I enjoyed every minute of it. Also, it's just fun seeing the look of disbelief on guy friends' faces when they discover I can 'talk cars' - so thanks, dad!

^^because you have to wear your carroll shelby shirt for your shelby cobra photoshoot :)^^ 

My dad always talked about his ever-evolving "dream list" of cars to own, which were to eventually be housed in his self-designed "Garage Mahal" (think scaled-back Jay Leno style) and while I only remember some of them (a 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe, 1957 T-bird F-bird, Plymouth Superbird), we knew, above all others, it was my dad's dream to build a 427 Shelby Cobra Kit Car. He talked about that car all.the.time. As of two months ago my dad's dream became finally a reality and I think it's safe to say he's found a new assistant :)

I think the only thing that makes my dad's dream come true more exciting for him is passing down his love of cars to his grandsons in the process. And that makes me even more excited for him :)

^^I think it's safe to say Yishai's definitely a 'car guy'!^^

I love you, dad, and seeing how much Yishai adores you pretty much makes my heart burst into a million pieces!

^^Oh hey, mom!^^

Yishai, Nafi, D and I hope you enjoy every moment of your dream come true! You deserve it :)

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