Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fav Beauty Buys No. 2

Fav Beauty Buys


I think I've finally found my signature scent! I love that it is a bright, fresh scent that's a little sweet but not overly floral.

While most days I reach for #6, on the days when I have another extra minute to get ready I love this lipstick/stain/gloss combo! It's definitely neutral enough to wear everyday and lasts a really long time.

This is my go-to dramatic lip. It lasts forever and feels like you're not even wearing anything. The matte finish is classic and timeless.

I use this on my brow bone, cheek bones and insides of my eye and instantly look more awake. Good for those days when your face could use an extra pick-me-up. Tip: Blend with fingers for a more natural glow.

An airy, delicate scent that is light enough for everyday and perfect for special occasions.

I wear this tinted chapstick + SPF everyday! It has a great sheer tint and I love that my lips are protected from the sun as well.

What don't I use this stuff for?! During pregnancy I used it twice a day on my baby belly to keep my skin soft and hydrated. Now I use it for dry skin, the occasional blemish/dark spot, my hair after a shower to add shine, and my wigs for shine and to tame flyaways. 

This mascara is! No exaggeration. I often can't be bothered to curl my lashes (who has time?!) and this mascara makes my lashes super long and adds a bit of curl as well - two thumbs up in my book :) My only wish is that it would come in a waterproof version. Since I live in south florida, this is a 'winter' mascara only. Nobody wants to see the hot mess of this mascara in the SoFla me.

Care to share your fav beauty buys?

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