Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lion Country Safari

This past Memorial Day, after multiple recommendations, we decided to check out Lion Country Safari and it was definitely one of the coolest things we have done as a family to date. In the comfort of your own car, you drive through a huge safari and watch the animals literally walk right in front of you! So. freakin'. cool.

You get a CD to play as your guide, but we decided to forgo listening and just talk about the animals with Yishai. Not like we would've been able to hear it above the shrieks of laughter anyways :)

Since Yishai is still rear-facing, I moved back to sit with him to make sure he could see the animals well and help point them out to him. His reactions were priceless and it made me excited to see him so excited :)

^^C'mon, how cute is that rhino tushie?! ^^
After we finished the safari we entered the park on a mission - to feed a giraffe "salad" (romaine lettuce). Yishai has always loved giraffes. You might remember 'Geoffrey' from Yishai's nursery tour. That giraffe gets a good night hug and kiss every night - and the cutest greeting in the morning:
"Hi Geoffrey! Good Morning! Mommy, he happy!"
You are too much sometimes, kiddo :)

Anyways...feeding giraffes.
wow, was that an fun!

I was in awe that we were able to be so close to these huuuuge animals. Holding our lettuce leaves over the side of the rail, we watched as these majestic giraffes lowered their heads to extract the leaves oh-so-gently with their tongues. We all got our fair share of giraffe 'kisses' from their black-purple-ish tongues.

Deciding that their bellies were sufficiently full of salad, we moved on to make some new friends. Yishai enjoyed hugging the goats - which basically meant he lays his head down on their backs...or tail :) It's pretty funny to watch and definitely entertained some of the other families more than just the goats themselves.

We ended our day by feeding the birds their dinner: birdseed on a stick.
Y'all know everything tastes better on a stick :)

We had an amazing day and Yishai fell asleep before we even left the parking lot! #parentingwin

If you're in SoFla (or here on vacay!) - this is a must-do:)
We didn't even get to do everything...there's an awesome looking splash-water-playground-thing which looked amazing and we are definitely bringing our swimsuits for that next time!

There are going to be many more trips to Lion Country Safari for us this summer!

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Chandra said...

How awesome! Yishai is such a big boy now; oh my goodness! It always seem so cliche to say lines like that, but wow!

It looks like you all had a great time. Thank you for sharing!

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