Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fav Beauty Buys No. 4

Fav Beauty Buys No. 4


I've had several emails recently asking about my skincare and makeup routine. Since I haven't done a Fav Beauty Buys round-up in a while, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share what I'm currently using and loving!

ONE: I like that this scent is slightly floral-y but still classic, perfect for everyday or a special date night.

TWO: Two words: Game Changer. It keeps my signature shade of eyeliner (Make Up Forever S-20) in place all day - no smudging or running! A must-have for colored eyeliner.

THREE: A fun, flattering semi-sheer coral color that looks good with most skin tones.

FOUR: Love this lash primer! Separates and lengthens and such a good price point.

FIVE: This illuminating BB cream has a touch of shimmer, a touch of bronzer and spf-30 for a sun-kissed glow without exposing your skin to the harmful rays.

SIX: Slightly shimmery and super shiny, I like layering a coat over a more pigmented color.

SEVEN: This one's definitely a splurge and I started with this starter pack to see if I even liked the products enough before I committed to a larger size. Maybe it was my most recent birthday that lit a skin-care regimen fire under me, but I find myself upping the ante on the anti-aging skin care products I try. This serum did not dissapoint - it's light but thick enough to feel like it's absorbing and I love that I'm not exposing my skin to unnecessary chemicals.

EIGHT: I love this preppy, strong scent! Also, I'm a sucker for tortoise shell so I love this bottle.

NINE: I don't wear waterproof mascara that often but when I do, this is my fav! It doesn't budge while it's on and taking it off is sooo easy compared to the nightmare I'm used to with other waterproof mascaras.

TEN: My NARS lipstick collection is growing, but the red I reach for again and again is Red Lizard. It's a rich, true red that's great for medium skin tones.

ELEVEN: For everyday makeup removal I used Costco brand's makeup remover wipes (I've tried tons of pricier brands and none work as well as Costco!) but for a very made-up eye or with waterproof mascara, this is my fav eye makeup remover! It's oil based but I like that it doesn't leave a heavy-feeling greasy residue.

TWELVE: My face always feels super refreshed after using this toning cleanser. I used to be scared of toner since it left my skin feeling dry and tight but this one has totally changed my perception!

THIRTEEN: Love love love this mascara! It's easy to build coats that look long and full without major clumpage.

FOURTEEN: This light coral color was my summer go-to.

FIFTEEN: This moisturizer has mended the love-hate relationship I've had with moisturizers for years. If they were light enough, they really didn't moisturize my skin the way it needs and if they were heavier, I would have a mini-breakout a few days later. This one feels thick and hydrating as it's being applied but dries feeling superlight and my skin loves it!

I hope you'll share any products you're currently using and loving and as always, thanks for reading!

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